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Teaching mathematics with a different philosophy Part 1: Formal mathematics as biased metaphysics

  title={Teaching mathematics with a different philosophy Part 1: Formal mathematics as biased metaphysics},
  author={C.K. Raju},
  journal={arXiv: History and Overview},
  • C. Raju
  • Published 7 December 2013
  • Philosophy
  • arXiv: History and Overview
We report on a pedagogical experiment to make mathematics easy by changing its philosophy. The Western philosophy of math originated in religious beliefs about mathesis, cursed by the church. Later, mathematics was "reinterpreted", in a theologically-correct way, using the myth of "Euclid" and his deductive proofs. The fact of the empirical proofs in the Elements, was, however, contrary to this myth. The discrepancy was resolved by Hilbert and Russell who rejected empirical proofs as unsound… 
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