Teaching individualized antibiotic dosage regimens by means of two computer-assisted learning programs.


We developed two multidisciplinary tutorial programs (TOBRA-DIDACT and VANCO-DIDACT) for teaching the basic principles of antibiotic drug monitoring by simulation of repeated administrations to fictitious patients whose physio-pathologic characteristics were pre-defined in the programs. To illustrate the two types of bactericidal kinetics, we have chosen one time-dependent (vancomycin) and one concentration-dependent (tobramycin) antibiotic. These computer-assisted programs operate on an interactive mode. In each of them, three main steps are connected: (1) Various types of clinical cases are submitted to the student: for each of them, case report includes clinical characteristics, location of infection, bacterial strain and minimal bactericidal concentration. These data must be taken into account during the following steps. (2) The student has to establish the treatment schedule: route of administration, dose for each injection, intervals between injections and duration of infusion. (3) The result of the dosage scheme proposed by the student is represented by a simulation of plotting antibiotic plasma concentrations vs. time during the first 4 days of treatment. These curves are obtained by a monoexponential (TOBRA-DIDACT) or biexponential (VANCO-DIDACT) pharmacokinetic model. Peak and trough concentrations are calculated at steady-state. An expert system provides a commentary with each result to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment and to assist the student in improving his prescription. TOBRA-DIDACT and VANCO-DIDACT illustrate the influence of age, obesity, renal impairment, location of infection and bacterial strain on antibiotic therapy. They also show the role of route of administration, dosing and intervals between injections on therapeutic response.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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