Teaching balance and respect: HCI Group & Software Technology Group at the University of Hamburg


research by applying theoretical models and methodologies from different research fields? The doctoral program follows a “back to school” principle itself by coming from different backgrounds, bringing all the specific knowledge, and dedicated language. “Back to school” is also implemented for the HCI part of this program through a very advanced course on HCI fundamentals, theories, and approaches which helps make students capable of solving problems in the field. In addition, an advanced course on contextual interfaces teaches the innovative application of HCI to design innovative approaches in different contexts. Getting the Right Problems. No one can solve problems without the right problems. There is a need to take the real world problems to schools for students to work on them. This is a call for all the companies with problems to solve (there are always enough things to do). Schools are waiting to include real, complex world problems into the different levels of education. If done properly, this could be an ideal vehicle to merge two often separated worlds. It gives one answer to what is the better education: schools or training on the job? Both.

DOI: 10.1145/1082369.1082393

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