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Teaching and Globalization

  title={Teaching and Globalization},
  author={Pasi Sahlberg},
  journal={Managing global transitions},
  • P. Sahlberg
  • Published 2004
  • Education
  • Managing global transitions
Globalization is typically understood as an economic, political and cultural process that is reshaping the role of many nation-states in relation to global markets, agreements, and traditions. Recently it has become frequently analyzed in the context of education. However, there is surprisingly little work done on the pedagogical implications of globalization on teaching and learning other than shifting the emphasis from traditional subjects to information and communication technology and… 
Introduction: the world and the teacher—prospects and challenges for teacher education in the age of globalization from a cosmopolitan perspective
In the age of globalization, policy texts in, inter alia, the European Union emphasize the value and importance of enabling human beings to render themselves not merely flexible, movable, employable,
Education Reform for Raising Economic Competitiveness
Globalization has increased economic competition within and between countries and the world’s regions. Economic competitiveness is commonly seen as a valid index for judging a country’s level of
Preparing Teachers for a Globalized Era: An Examination of Teaching Practices in Kenya.
In an increasingly globalized [1] 21 st century, an education that is student-centered is invaluable because it supports the development of collaborative, communication and problem-solving skills
‘Third Wave’ Politics in Teacher Education: Moving Beyond Binaries
Teacher educators live and work in a highly complex world that is mediated by multi-layered political, social and educational arenas. While education typically falls with the jurisdiction of nations
The global and the local: taking account of context in the push for the technologization of education
Education in Australia, it could be argued, has undergone a “digital turn” (Buchanan, 2011). That is to say, digital technologies are no longer simply something that students learn “about,” but are
Higher Education Globalisation: Rationale and Corporate Onus of Regulatory Agencies in Nigeria
  • Education
  • 2018
Essential and pivotal to the construction of knowledge and society in the countries of the world is higher education. Higher education tends to be considered as the pathway to both collective and
Globalization has increased economic competition within and between countries and the world’s regions. Economic competitiveness is commonly seen as a valid index for judging a country’s level of
South African Teachers Caught Between Nation Building and Global Demands: Is There a Way Out/Forward?
In this article, we explore the impact of the nation-building and global demands on teachers’ work and how they survive the pressure of, and reconcile, these various demands that impact their work.
A Narrative Study of The Perceptions Of Education for Globalization Held by Teachers in the Urban Core
The purpose of this social constructivist narrative study is to understand the thoughts, perceptions and experiences of urban K-8 educational professionals regarding education for globalization. The
Has the Change of Educational Paradigm Reached Every School and Every Class
This rapidly changing world demands new skills and competencies for students and teachers whose role as professionals is also changing. Traditional approach to teaching/learning process involves the


Decentralizing Education in Transition Societies: Case Studies from Central and Eastern Europe. WBI Learning Resources Series.
Starting in the fall of 1997, the World Bank Institute organized a learning program on Intergovernmental Roles in the Delivery of Education Services in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and
Globalization as Both Threat and Opportunity for the Hong Kong Teaching Profession
The paper examines the roles of theHong Kong government, schools and teachers inthe translation of global economic imperativesinto demands on education, and how suchtranslation affects the teaching
The Return of Large-Scale Reform
Education Reform on a large scale was first attempted in the 1960s. Itfailed to make a difference largely because advocates of reform ignoredissues of implementation and did not address local
Becoming Good American Schools: The Struggle for Civic Virtue in Education Reform
"A convincing portrait of teachers actively engaged in educational reform...offering a hopeful yet realistic vision of revitalized democracy inspired by a passion for the public good. This book is an
Is privatization through education vouchers really the answer? A comment on the West
Government-financed school vouchers promise to improve consumer choice while still providing the public funding needed for families to invest adequately in their children's education. But politically
Educational Reform
The Ministry of Education should hold a higher place in the hierarchy of the offices of the State, and the salary of the Minister should be equivalent to that of other principal Secretaries of State.
Globalization and Education: Critical Perspectives
This volume explores the increasingly important dimensions of globalization as it affects educational policy and practice in nation-states around the world. Addressing such issues as feminisim,
Does Competition Improve Teaching and Learning? Evidence from New Zealand
Central to the argument for more competition in education is that it will induce schools to provide higher quality education at no greater cost. This article sheds new light on this issue by
Education at a glance
A detailed review of the education sector in Australia as in the data provided by the 2006 edition of the OECD's annual publication, 'Education at a Glance' is presented. While the data has shown
Runaway World: How Globalization is Reshaping Our Lives
'This little book is full of insights about who we are and where we are going.' - Financial Times The most accessible book yet by one of the most influential thinkers of our time, Runaway World