Teaching a humanoid robot to draw 'Shapes'

  title={Teaching a humanoid robot to draw 'Shapes'},
  author={Vishwanathan Mohan and Pietro G. Morasso and Jacopo Zenzeri and Giorgio Metta and V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy and Giulio Sandini},
  journal={Auton. Robots},
The core cognitive ability to perceive and synthesize ‘shapes’ underlies all our basic interactions with the world, be it shaping one’s fingers to grasp a ball or shaping one’s body while imitating a dance. In this article, we describe our attempts to understand this multifaceted problem by creating a primitive shape perception/synthesis system for the baby humanoid iCub. We specifically deal with the scenario of iCub gradually learning to draw or scribble shapes of gradually increasing… CONTINUE READING
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