Teaching Transgender in Women's Studies

  title={Teaching Transgender in Women's Studies},
  author={Sara E. Cooper and Connor James Trebra},
  journal={Journal of Lesbian Studies},
  pages={151 - 180}
SUMMARY We moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to a small rural town in Northern California, thinking that with our years of experience in the queer and trans community we would go out to change the world. Instead, teaching Women's Studies students about transgender at Chico State changed us in ways that we never would have predicted. 

Beyond Additions and Exceptions: The Category of Transgender and New Pedagogical Approaches for Women's Studies

The article argues that while introductory women and gender studies courses typically take social construction theory as foundational, their textbooks, supplemental materials, and teaching strategies

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The course proposed is planned as an undergraduate Human Sexuality course within a Women and Gender Studies program. Teaching a course on Human Sexuality with an interdisciplinary approach allows for

Transgender as Ingroup or Outgroup? Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Viewers Respond to a Transgender Character in Daytime Television

Examination of how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and bisexual viewers of All My Children reacted to Zoe suggests LGB viewers' negative response to Zoe was tied not to the transgender status of the character but specifically to unhappiness with a plot development seen to threaten the identity of the lesbian character, Bianca.

Critical Pedagogy: Disrupting Classroom Hegemony

There has been an increase in the number of university students who express an embodied gender identity beyond male and female. Trans* students have legitimate expectations that universities will

Profiling academic research on what is being sought in initial teacher education gender wise

  • Pedro Cabrejo
  • Education
    International Journal of Social Science and Human Research
  • 2021
This article is mainly focused on what is happening with university structures, at least in the aspects related to the pedagogy of gender, specifically transgender, provided to pre-service vocational

Rethinking Women’s Studies: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and the Introductory Course

We comment on the current context framing women’s and gender studies in Canada,identify recent and important curricular trends,and discuss some guiding principles that we have used to revise our

La normativité corporelle sous le bistouri : (re)penser l’intersectionnalité et les solidarités entre les études féministes, trans et sur le handicap à travers la transsexualité et la transcapacité

Cette recherche se situe a la jonction des etudes feministes, trans et sur la production du handicap. Elle s’interesse aux limites des analyses feministes intersectionnelles et leurs difficultes a

Trouble dans l’identité de genre : le transféminisme et la subversion de l’identité cisgenre : une analyse de la sous-représentation des personnes trans* professeur-es dans les universités canadiennes

Cet article traite de la sous-representation des personnes trans specialistes des enjeux trans, professeur.e.s dans les universites canadiennes, et s’attarde au cas des departements d’etudes



True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals

The Transsexual Dilemma. The Childhood Years. The Adult Years. Therapy. Beginning the Transition. Transition and the Workplace. Bringing the News Home. Medical and Surgical Options. Guidelines for

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very unlikely that any future Speaker will be anonymous to the country" (p. 77). As this quotation suggests, Loomis emphasizes the importance of the press and publicity, particularly television, for

Self-Made Men: Identity and Embodiment among Transsexual Men

In Self-Made Men, Henry Rubin explores the production of male identities in the lives of twenty-two FTM transsexuals - people who have changed their sex from female to male. The author relates the

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Abstract In this paper w/e provide a North American perspective as w/e explore the formation and comprehension of queer knowledge in adult education and in larger sociocultural contexts. W/e consider

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This article describes a content analysis of journal articles from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) that sought to measure the degree of curriculum transformation in a large

Transgender Care: Recommended Guidelines, Practical Information, and Personal Accounts

CONTENTS Foreward by Joy Diane Shaffer, M.D. Review Committee Preface and Acknowledgments Part I: Recommended Guidelines 1. Introduction 2. Mental Health 3. Transgender Hormone Administration 4.

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ContentsIntroduction1. "The Loves of Women for Each Other": "Romantic Friends" in the Twentieth Century2. A Worm in the Bud: The Early Sexologists and Love Between Women3. Lesbian Chic:

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Les etudes feministes s'interessent tout particulierement aux distinctions a faire entre sexe (notion biologique) et genre (notion sociale), distinctions qui interessent egalement les homosexuels