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Teaching Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling : Past History and Future Plans

  title={Teaching Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling : Past History and Future Plans},
  author={Michael Batchelor and Eric N. Wiebe},
For more than ten years, three-dimensional modeling has been a part of the Graphic Communications Program curriculum at North Carolina State University. Originally taught using a wireframe modeling package on a proprietary microcomputer, 3-D modeling is currently part of both our introductory and advanced CAD courses and includes both wireframe and solids modeling on Unix workstations. Initially 3-D modeling occupied a peripheral role in the curriculum at NC State, but has since evolved into a… 
Best Practices For Designing Online Learning Environments For 3D Modeling Curricula: A Delphi Study.
MAPSON, KATHLEEN HARRELL. Best Practices for Designing Online Learning Environments for 3D Modeling Curricula: A Delphi Study. (Under the direction of Dr. Aaron C. Clark and Dr. Jeremy V. Ernst). The
Visual literacy and the integration of parametric modeling in the problem-based curriculum
This quasi-experimental study investigated the application of visual literacy skills in the form of parametric modeling software in relation to traditional forms of sketching and found no statistical significance between the success of the design and the method that was used to create the design.
The Conceptual Framework of Quality Product Design Based on Computer Aided Design (CAD)
The result of the conceptual framework developed shows that the initial stage of idea-generating is an essential element in the design, supporting a systematic process that can produce innovative, creative and quality product design.
Introducción del 'Proceso de Diseño' en el aula de dibujo técnico como propuesta para el empoderamiento creativo del alumnado
En este trabajo se presenta una nueva propuesta docente para las clases de dibujo técnico (expresión gráfica), en la que se incorpora el “Proceso de Diseño” al aula. Se ha trabajado la metodología de
Proyecto Técnico Ecourbano apoyado en las TIC para el aprendizaje STEM (Dibujo Técnico) y la consolidación de los ODS en el aula.
El objetivo del presente artículo es presentar los resultados de aprendizaje con alumnos de Dibujo Técnico en primer curso de bachillerato, como consecuencia de la realización de un Proyecto Técnico


CAD/CAM theory and practice
From the Publisher: This text is suitable for an introduction to CAD/CAM taught in departments of mechanical engineering. The book combines a good balance of the three main ingredients of CAD/CAM:
CADCAM - from principles to practice
This book carefully guides the reader through the processes of defining a product design with the aid of computers, of developing manufacturing plans and instructions for the product and of managing the manufacturing system itself.
Principles of Computer-Aided Design
: Introduction P. Steadman & J. Rooney Representing objects J. Rooney Representing relations C. F. Earl Graphical techniques P. Steadman Draughting systems P. Steadman, A. de Pennington, A. Saia
Engineering and the Mind's Eye
It is argued that a system of engineering education that ignores nonverbal thinking will produce engineers who are dangerously ignorant of the many ways in which the real world differs from the mathematical models constructed in academic minds.
Virtual prototyping: Concept to production (177pp DSMC 1992-93)
  • Defense Systems Management College,
  • 1994
Construction strategies in solid modeling
  • Engineering Design Graphics Journal
  • 1993
Engineering graphics communications
  • Engineering graphics communications
  • 1995
A new look at the engineering design graphics process based on geometric modeling
  • Engineering Design Graphics Journal
  • 1992