Teaching Puerto Rican Authors: Identity and Modernization in Nuyorican Texts.

  title={Teaching Puerto Rican Authors: Identity and Modernization in Nuyorican Texts.},
  author={Arnaldo Manuel Cruz-Malav{\'e}},
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What Scattered Ashes Leave behind: Expressions of Nuyorican Identity in Miguel Piñero’s A Lower East Side Poem
Miguel Pinero’s (1985) A Lower East Side Poem offers social and spatial critique of New York City’s Lower East Side and the corruption and neocolonialism that made it a contested domain in the 1970s
Coloniality of Diasporas: Racialization of Negropolitans and Nuyoricans in Paris and New York
Many of the countries of the Caribbean—such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Martinique, or the Dominican Republic—have large immigrant communities in a metropolitan country, such as Great Britain, the
Slammin’ in Transnational Heterotopia: Words Being Spoken at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe
In this chapter I will focus on the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and zoom in on two poetry anthologies of writers associated with it. Both collections were coedited by Miguel Algarin, a Nuyorriqueno, who is
Imagined transnationalism : U.S. Latino/a literature, culture, and identity
Introduction: Imagined Transnationalism: Refiguring Latino/a Literature, Culture, and Identity K.Concannon, F.Lomeli & M.Priewe Chicano Transnation B.Ashcroft A Schematic Approach to Understanding