Teaching NeuroImages: isolated cervical spinal cord cysticercosis.

  title={Teaching NeuroImages: isolated cervical spinal cord cysticercosis.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Roberto Lambertucci and Thiago Cardoso Vale and Anthony C. Pereira and S{\'i}lvio Roberto de Sousa-Pereira and Joana Carvalho Dias and Mois{\'e}s Salgado Pedrosa and Marcelo Martins Oliveira},
  volume={77 23},
A 23-year-old Brazilian man, a farmer in a rural area of Minas Gerais State, complained of an 8-month history of neck pain and upper-limb weakness. Flaccid tetraparesis, global hyperreflexia, and pyramidal signs were present. Cranial CT and brain MRI were normal. Spinal cord MRI showed an intramedullary tumoral lesion, extending from C3 to C5 vertebral… CONTINUE READING