Teaching Equality? “John Schools,” Gender, and Institutional Reform

  title={Teaching Equality? “John Schools,” Gender, and Institutional Reform},
  author={Samantha Majic},
Employing feminist institutionalism as an analytic framework, this article considers the First Offender Prostitution Program in San Francisco. The program allows men arrested for their first prostitution offense to pay a fine and to attend a day of classes about the consequences of participation in prostitution, in lieu of prosecution. Other jurisdictions in the United States and internationally have replicated First Offender, and supporters (particularly feminists) praise it for promoting… 
Implementing ‘new’ norms? Examining ‘john school’ policies in the United States
In the United States, norms are located in the foreground of policy debates. To consider how they inform and emerge through policies, this paper examines ‘john schools,’ where men arrested for
Making links between sex work, gender and victimisation: the politics and pedagogies of John Schools
This article will explore the links between sex work, gender and victimisation. It will draw on the literature on victims and victimology, as well as the literature on sex work, to explore the ways
Governing sex work in the city
Sex work is often constructed as an urban "problem". As a result, sex workers, clients and the spaces in which people buy or sell sex are frequently the subject of intervention from those governing
Participating, Observing, Publishing: Lessons from the Field
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A vengeful education? urban revanchism, sex work and the penal politics of john schools
Abstract This article considers how useful the urban revanchism thesis is in helping us understand the John School, a “mobile” educational programme that has been rolled out in the United States,
Power, exclusion and empowerment: Feminist innovation in political science
  • S. L. Weldon
  • Political Science
    Women's Studies International Forum
  • 2019
Beyond “Victim-Criminals”
This article examines the St. James Infirmary (SJI), a nonprofit occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers in San Francisco, to consider how particular organizational spaces and practices


Sex Wars Redux: Agency and Coercion in Feminist Legal Theory
What consequences flow from characterizing women as pervasively constructed by male aggression? Over the past decade, dominance feminism' has become the ascendant feminist legal theory, shaping the
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This article explores answers to three questions: Why is prostitution as controversial today as it was 4,000 years ago? Why are feminists embroiled in the prostitution controversy? And, what are the
From Sex as Sin to Sex as Work: COYOTE and the Reorganization of Prostitution as a Social Problem
COYOTE (an acronym for “Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics”) is the central organization in the social movement to challenge traditional definitions of prostitution as a social problem. Using historical
Evaluating the Usefulness of a Prostitution Diversion Project
As social workers are increasingly collaborating with the criminal justice system through diversion programs to create and provide alternative approaches to working with legal offenders,
Prostitution Policy: Revolutionizing Practice through a Gendered Perspective
Acknowledgments Preface Introduction 1 Contextualizing the Discussion: Feminism and Policy Analysis 2 A Sexually Charged Context, the Feminist "Sex Wars," and Prostitution De?ned 3 The Intrinsic
The Social Construction of Sex Trafficking: Ideology and Institutionalization of a Moral Crusade
The issue of sex trafficking has become increasingly politicized in recent years due to the efforts of an influential moral crusade. This article examines the social construction of sex trafficking
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Contemporary theories of politics tend to portray politics as a reflection of society, political phenomena as the aggregate consequences of individual behavior, action as the result of choices based
Shifting the Focus: Restorative Justice and Sex Work
Depuis quelques années les gouvernements ont intégré le concept de la justice réparatrice (JR) et incluent maintenant ce qu’ils nomment des pratiques basées sur la justice réparatrice dans leurs
Shifting focus
The complexity of phosphorylated H2AX foci formation and DNA repair assembly at DNA double-strand breaks is studied in order to better understand the role of phosphorous in DNA repair.
Informal Institutions and Comparative Politics: A Research Agenda
Mainstream comparative research on political institutions focuses primarily on formal rules. Yet in many contexts, informal institutions, ranging from bureaucratic and legislative norms to