Teaching DevOps in academia and industry: reflections and vision

  title={Teaching DevOps in academia and industry: reflections and vision},
  author={Evgeny Bobrov and Antonio Bucchiarone and Alfredo Capozucca and Nicolas Guelfi and Manuel Mazzara and Sergey Masyagin},
This paper describes our experience of delivery educational programs in academia and in industry on DevOps, compare the two approaches and sum-up the lessons learnt. We also propose a vision to implement a shift in the Software Engineering Higher Education curricula. 

Overcoming Challenges in DevOps Education through Teaching Methods

DevOps is a set of practices that deals with coordination between development and operation teams and ensures rapid and reliable new software releases that are essential in industry. DevOps education

Teaching DevOps: a tale of two universities

This paper reports and reflects on the experiences teaching DevOps at two universities (in the USA and Germany) in an inverted classroom format, and describes how to set-up the courses, provide a brief analysis of data collected, and share lessons learned.

Analyzing DevOps Teaching Strategies: An Initial Study

A preliminary study that analyzes existing teaching strategies reported in the literature indicates a set of approaches highlighting the use of environments to support teaching in DevOps teaching.

Challenges and Recommendations in DevOps Education: A Systematic Literature Review

This paper presents a systematic literature review that aims to identify challenges and recommendations for teaching DevOps, and discusses how existing recommendations address the challenges found in the study, thus contributing to the preparation and execution of DevOps courses.

DevOps Research-Based Teaching Using Qualitative Research and Inter-Coder Agreement

This RBT experience shows evidence that can be used to assess whether a similar experience and the use of ICA could be applied in similar learning contexts with similar research contexts, and provides teachers with new tools to identify concepts that are less understood by students.

Combining Agile and DevOps to Improve Students' Tech and Non-tech Skills

A high-level course structure to be used as a framework for those higher education organizations who want to support the development of students technical and non-technical skills, which combines DevOps, Scrum and Challenge Based Learning approaches into one single course.

Threading DevOps Practices through a University Software Engineering Programme

This paper describes how it has introduced students to DevOps practices early in their degree programme, and then woven their use through many different projects as an underpinning thread, to the point where they almost become second nature.

Introducing DevOps Techniques in a Software Construction Class

  • M. Hills
  • Computer Science
    2020 IEEE 32nd Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T)
  • 2020
A collection of assignments given in a graduate software construction class that guides students through the process of creating Docker containers, configuring continuous integration services, constructing a build pipeline, and automating deployment of new versions of a software system when changes are committed to the code repository are described.

Qualifying Software Engineers Undergraduates in DevOps - Challenges of Introducing Technical and Non-technical Concepts in a Project-oriented Course

  • Isaque AlvesCarla Rocha
  • Computer Science
    2021 IEEE/ACM 43rd International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering Education and Training (ICSE-SEET)
  • 2021
A set of lessons learned is presented, which may help professors better design and conduct project-oriented courses to cover DevOps concepts, to evaluate this project- oriented DevOps course setup.

Teaching Guide for Beginnings in DevOps and Continuous Delivery in AWS Focused on the Society 5.0 Skillset

The speed at which technologies evolve means that society needs to increase the adaptability of its production processes, increasing their agility and effectiveness. Japan, as a pioneer of this



Design of a (Yet Another?) DevOps Course

DevOps have received marginal attention inside the higher education level curricula despite of its boom in the industrial sector.

Teaching DevOps in Corporate Environments: An experience report

The experience of training a team of developers of an East-European phone service provider on Agile methods is described and some conclusions are drawn, in particular on the authors' mistakes and how future session should be addressed.

Teaching Programming and Design-by-Contract

The data supporting the idea that a division in beginner and advanced groups improves the learning outcomes is discussed, and the experience of teaching an introductory course to programming by using a correctness by construction approach is summarized.

Innopolis Going Global - Internationalization of a Young IT University

The first five years of life of Innopolis University is described in terms of internationalization strategies and faculty and students recruitment.

Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) and the Software Engineering Education Knowledge (SEEK) - a preliminary mapping

The mapping shows that, though there are no major "school of thought" divergences between the two bodies of knowledge, there are a number of differences in the details of each breakdown in terms of vocabulary, level of detail, decomposition approach and topics encompassed.

Simplifying the DevOps Adoption Process

The DevOps adoption method has been tested in a national branch of an international company with an internal IT development team and several related to it artefacts are proposed.

What is DevOps?: A Systematic Mapping Study on Definitions and Practices

A definition for DevOps is proposed which may overcome inconsistencies over the various existing definitions of individual research studies and the practices explicitly proposed for Dev Ops have been presented as well as the relation to other software development methods.

Microservices: Migration of a Mission Critical System

A real world case study is presented to demonstrate how scalability is positively affected by re-implementing a monolithic architecture into a microservices architecture (MSA) in the specific setting of financial domain.

DevOps - A Software Architect's Perspective

The First Complete Guide to DevOps for Software Architects provides the organizational, technical, and operational context needed to deploy DevOps more efficiently, and review DevOps impact on each development phase.

Business Process Modeling: Classifications and Perspectives

The conceptual issues in process modeling are discussed, and various considerable modeling approaches in the context of BPM and SOC are presented, including both semantic and non-semantic methods and referring to industrial standards and theoretical foundations.