Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope

  title={Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope},
  author={Bell Hooks},
Preface: Teaching and Living in Hope 1. The Will to Learn: The World as Classroom 2. Time Out: Classrooms without Boundaries 3. Talking Race and Racism 4. Democratic Education 5. What Happens When White People Change 6. Standards 7. How Can We Serve 8. Moving beyond Shame 9. Keepers of Hope: Teaching in Communities 10. Progressive Learning: A Family Value 11. Heart to Heart: Teaching with Love 12. Good Sex: Passionate Pedagogy 13. Spirituality in Education 14. This Is Our Life: Teaching toward… 
Teaching and Learning from Within: A Placed-Based Pedagogy for Heartfelt Hope
Accepting the insights of Kenneth Beittel that what remains difficult in teaching and listening is actually the practice of becoming conscious of what one has within oneself and to be able to use it
The role of spirituality in the anti-oppressive higher-education classroom
There is scant research literature on the interconnection between spirituality and anti-oppressive pedagogy in the higher-education classroom. In this paper, based on a broader qualitative study that
Toward a Spiritual Praxis: The Role of Spirituality among Faculty of Color Teaching for Social Justice
There is scant research literature on the interconnection between spirituality and the practices of faculty of color teaching social justice in the higher education classroom. This paper is based on
Teaching and Learning as a Pedagogic Pilgrimage
bution to educational theory and practice. The book covers a broad range of topical and exciting issues as diverse as faith, hope, wonder, imagination and posthuman ethics of care in teaching and
Holy Ground of Teaching and Learning
This brief article consists of my reflections after attending a class about teaching and learning in higher education. After shifting my assumptions from modern expectations that a “good” and
Returning to Silence, Connecting to Wholeness: Contemplative Pedagogy for Critical Social Work Education
This article introduces contemplative silence and the wholeness of being into critical social work education. It draws on in-depth interviews with students 1 year after the completion of a course to
New Forms of Transformative Education
Questions abound in the literature and in practice about how best to advance social justice among groups who are content to ignore the chorus of marginalized voices pressing for social change. This
Community, love, and culture: pedagogical insights for Black students in White spaces
Abstract To address the tension between public education norms and the lived experiences of racially marginalized students, this study examines how Brother to Sister (BTS), a community group,
Social Justice Experiential Education in Rural Fiji
  • E. Yomantas
  • Education
    Research Anthology on Empowering Marginalized Communities and Mitigating Racism and Discrimination
  • 2020
This chapter examines how an experiential education (EE) program in rural Fiji provided rich experiences for social justice teaching and learning in the context of a teacher preparation program. This
Centering Spirituality in the Academy
In this article, the author’s foremost objective is to render the answer to the following question: How would centering spirituality transform our ways of teaching and learning? The author explores