Teachers’ Instructional Components of Warm-up Rehearsal in Elementary School Chorus in South Korea

  title={Teachers’ Instructional Components of Warm-up Rehearsal in Elementary School Chorus in South Korea},
  author={Seungyoun Hong},
  journal={International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research},
  • Seungyoun Hong
  • Published 2020
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research
The preliminary purpose of the study is to find out the instructional components of choral warm-up rehearsal for teachers in Korean elementary school. For the study, Focused Group Interview Method was used, and the participants were eleven Korean primary school teachers who have had school chorus conducting or instructing. This survey shows that the teachers in primary schools who have experienced instructing a school chorus do not feel satisfied with warm-up techniques in their rehearsal. The… Expand
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