Teachers, textbooks, and orthographic choices in Quechua: comparing bilingual intercultural education in Peru and Ecuador across decades

  title={Teachers, textbooks, and orthographic choices in Quechua: comparing bilingual intercultural education in Peru and Ecuador across decades},
  author={Nicholas Limerick and Nancy H. Hornberger},
  journal={Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education},
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ABSTRACT One of the central paradoxes of textbook authorship in Indigenous languages is that some of those for whom the textbooks are intended find it challenging to read them. Here, through examining cases of Quechua across the Andes in Peru and in Ecuador, we consider the role of orthography in this paradox. Textbook authors must decide on an alphabet for writing textbooks. Yet, the selection of a particular alphabet or changing the alphabet can cause unforeseen difficulties in reading and… 

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