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Teacher Reported Behavior and DSM-oriented Symptoms in Young Children Whose Mothers Have Borderline Personality Disorder

  title={Teacher Reported Behavior and DSM-oriented Symptoms in Young Children Whose Mothers Have Borderline Personality Disorder},
  author={Scott Patrick Campion and Christopher D Watkins and Stevie N. Grasetti and Rebecca Devan Trupe and Tucker J. Netherton and Kurt Vincent and J. Snowdon C. Macfie and Montreal Canada},
BPD is a pervasive personality disorder that manifests itself through instability of moods, intense interpersonal relationships, self-injurious behaviors, identity problems, and inappropriate anger, resulting in disruptions to the mother-child relationship. These disruptions increase the likelihood of psychopathology and behavioral problems in their offspring. To assess this, we examined DSMoriented symptoms in preschool-aged children whose mothers have borderline personality disorder (BPD… 
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