Teacher Education's Bermuda Triangle

  title={Teacher Education's Bermuda Triangle},
  author={Marilyn Cochran-Smith},
  journal={Journal of Teacher Education},
  pages={275 - 279}
Legend has it that there is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean, defined at its points by Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Miami, into which countless people and more than 70 sea and air crafts have disappeared without a trace during the last half century. Dozens of theories have been offered to explain the so-called mysterious disappearances, some pure science fiction, others more scientific, and some focused on human error and bad luck. Interestingly, neither the Coast Guard nor reputable… 
The Report of the Teaching Commission
At the beginning of this year, the New York City-based Teaching Commission, established and chaired by former IBM Chairman Louis V. Gerstner, released "Teaching at Risk: A Call to Action" (The
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There is a consistent economic need to increase diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines and to increase diversity in groups of STEM professionals graduating from
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With this editorial, I am signing off as JTE editor. Here are the numbers that have characterized the editorship: 2 terms, 6 years, 30 issues, 30 editorials, 212 articles, and 17 book reviews. During


Generalizations in Teacher Education
The authors contend that the temptation to generalize about the problems and potential solutions facing teacher education are often simplified to the point of being misleading. Sensible policy
Defining “Highly Qualified Teachers”: What Does “Scientifically-Based Research” Actually Tell Us?
The Secretary’s report accurately claims that “researchers have found that some teachers are much more effective than others” (2002, p. 7). Studies using valueadded student achievement data have
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