Te neutrinoless double-beta decay with CUORICINO

  title={Te neutrinoless double-beta decay with CUORICINO},
  author={Erica Andreotti and C. Arnaboldi and F. T. Avignone and M Balata and I. Bandac and Marco Barucci and J. W. Beeman and Fabio Bellini and C. Brofferio and Alyssa Bryant and Carla Bucci and L. Canonica and Sofia Capelli and Lisa Carbone and M. Carrettoni and Massimiliano Clemenza and O. Cremonesi and Richard J. Creswick and Sergio Di Domizio and Mirosław Doliński and Larissa M. Ejzak and Riccardo Faccini and Horacio A. Farach and Elena Ferri and Ettore Fiorini and Luca Foggetta and A Giachero and L. Gironi and Alessandra Giuliani and Paolo Gorla and E. Guardincerri and Thomas D. Gutierrez and Eugene E. Haller and Kareem Kazkaz and S A Kraft and L. Kogler and Christophe Maiano and Ryoya Maruyama and Carlos Martinez and Manel Mart́inez and Sue Newman and Stefano Nisi and Claudia Nones and Eric B. Norman and A Nucciotti and Filippo Orio and M. Pallavicini and Vittorio Palmieri and L. Pattavina and Marcella Pavan and Marisa Pedretti and Gianluigi Pessina and Silvana De Pirro and E. Previtali and L. Risegari and C. Rosenfeld and Chiara Rusconi and Cristina Salvioni and Samuele Sangiorgio and David Schaeffer and N. D. Scielzo and M. Sisti and Arthur Russell Smith and Claudia Tomei and Gemma Ventura},
We report the final result of the CUORICINO experiment. Operated between 2003 and 2008, with a total exposure of 19.75 kg . y of Te, CUORICINO was able to set a lower bound on the Te 0mbb half-life of 2.8 x 10 years at 90% C.L. The limit here reported includes the effects of systematic uncertainties that are examined in detail in the paper. The corresponding upper bound on the neutrino Majorana mass is in the range 300–710 meV, depending on the adopted nuclear matrix element evaluation.