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Tcl: An Embeddable Command Language

  title={Tcl: An Embeddable Command Language},
  author={J. Ousterhout},
  booktitle={USENIX Winter},
Tel is an interpreter for a tool command language. It consists of a library package that is embedded in tools (such as editors, debuggers, etc.) as the basic command interpreter. Tel provides (a) a parser for a simple textual command language, (b) a collection of built-in utility commands, and a C interface that tools use to augment the built-in commands with tool-specific commands. Tel is particularly attractive when integrated with the widget library of a window system; it increases the… Expand
In search of a customizable and uniform user interface
The main component of a user interface is its command language (the text commands, button clicks, etc. that the application accepts from its user). For example, ftp (file transfer protocol) supportsExpand
Designing a Meta Object Protocol to Wrap a Standard Graphic Toolkit
This paper presents a graphical package which relies on the Tk toolkit and the Scheme programming language, and defines Stklos, a Scheme language with a CLOS-like object system used to embody the standard Tk widgets in a clean hierarchy of classes. Expand
A Minimalist Global User Interface
  • R. Pike
  • Computer Science
  • USENIX Summer
  • 1991
By taking care of user interface issues in a central utility, help simplifies the job of programming applications that make use of a bitmap display and mouse. Expand
A Functional Shell That Operates on Typed and Compiled Applications
Esther is the interactive shell of Famke, a prototype implementation of a strongly typed operating system written in the functional programming language Clean, which combines the advantages of interpreters (direct response) and compilers (statically typed, fast code). Expand
An X11 Toolkit Based on the Tcl Language
A new toolkit for X11 called Tk, implemented using Tcl, a lightweight interpretive command language, which allows applications to communicate in more powerful ways than a selection mechanism and makes it possible to replace monolithic applications with collections of reusable tools. Expand
Libscheme: scheme as a C library
The libscheme library makes the Scheme language available as a C library, which is portable to any system that has an ANSI C compiler and to which Hans Boehm's popular conservative garbage collector has been ported. Expand
CAS/PI: a portable and extensible interface for computer algebra systems
  • N. Kajler
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ISSAC '92
  • 1992
CAS/7T can be seen equally as a powerful system-independent graphic user interface enabling inter-systems communications, a toolkit to allow fast development of custom-made scientific software environments, or a very convenient framework for experimenting with computer algebra systems protocols and man-machine interfaces. Expand
Integrating a Command Shell into a Web Browser
The browser-shell is proposed, a web browser that integrates a command interpreter into the browser's Location box and offers a new shell interaction model, different from the conventional typescript model, which may improve usability in some respects. Expand
Design of VACL: a visual script language system which controls and extends applications on a graphical user interface environment
The fusen metaphor enhances the reusability of the script program and provides a hypertext programming environment. Expand
Program analysis environments for parallel language systems: the tau environment
The paper describes the design and functionality of (TAU, Tuning and Analysis Utilities), the rst prototype of an integrated and portable program analysis environment for pC ++ , a parallel object-oriented language system. Expand


C++ Programming Language
Bjarne Stroustrup makes C even more accessible to those new to the language, while adding advanced information and techniques that even expert C programmers will find invaluable. Expand
Postscript language - tutorial and cookbook
This tutorial provides a step-by-step guided tour of PostScript, highlighting those qualities that make it such a unique and powerful language. Expand
Implementing remote procedure calls
The overall structure of the RPC mechanism, the facilities for binding RPC clients, the transport level communication protocol, and some performance measurements are described, including some optimizations used to achieve high performance and to minimize the load on server machines that have many clients. Expand
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs emphasizes the central role played by different approaches to dealing with time in computational models, appropriate for an introduction to computer science courses, as well as programming languages and program design. Expand
The UNIX™ programming environment
The UNIX UNIX is a trademark of Bell Laboratories. operating system provides an especially congenial programming environment, in which it is not only possible, but actually natural, to write programsExpand
A Fourth Edition
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An Interactive Interface Builder for Use with Ada Programs
  • Xhibition Conference Proceedings, 1989.
  • 1989
The C Programming Language, Second Edition
Adobe Systems, Inc. Postscript Language Tutorial and Cookbook
  • Adobe Systems, Inc. Postscript Language Tutorial and Cookbook
  • 1985
The UNIX Programming
  • 1984