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Taylor Oliver Exploring the Relationship between Degenerative and Chronic Diseases%2C Nutritional Modifications and Detoxification

  title={Taylor Oliver Exploring the Relationship between Degenerative and Chronic Diseases\%2C Nutritional Modifications and Detoxification},
  • Published 2016
  • Medicine



Dietary Healing: the complete detox program

  • Annexus Pty Ltd: Australia
  • 2013

Nutritional Healing: After the Work of Dr. Max Gerson

  • 2015

2010, June 6) Glutathione: The Mother of All Antioxidants

  • Huffington Post. Retrieved
  • 2010

Diet, nutrients, phytochemicals, and cancer metastasis suppressor genes

  • G. Meadows
  • Biology
    Cancer and Metastasis Reviews
  • 2012
The review addresses the relative lack of specific therapeutic approaches to control metastasis as well as the current state of knowledge regarding the impact of diet, dietary components, and phytochemicals on metastasis suppressor genes.

An overview of psychiatric issues in liver disease for the consultation-liaison psychiatrist.

To assist the consultation-liaison psychiatrist, the authors present the first of a two-part series focused on psychiatric issues in liver disease, a common cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States and elsewhere.

[Nutritional management of patients with head and neck cancer treated with radiation].

Flavonoids--food sources and health benefits.

It seems that a diet rich in flavonoids is beneficial and its promotion is thus justifiable, however further clinical and epidemiological trials are greatly needed.

The unpaved journey of vitamin C in cancer treatment.

The early controversies surrounding vitamin C and cancer treatment, the breakthrough discoveries that led to the current advancement, and recent clinical studies, as well as research into its mechanisms of action are reviewed.

A Single Meal Containing Raw, Crushed Garlic Influences Expression of Immunity- and Cancer-Related Genes in Whole Blood of Humans.

The data indicate that the bioactivity of garlic is multifaceted and includes activation of genes related to immunity, apoptosis, and xenobiotic metabolism in humans and Mono Mac 6 cells.

Diet and Inflammation: Possible Effects on Immunity, Chronic Diseases, and Life Span

Working knowledge of the impact of how nutrients, especially dietary fatty acids and polyphenols, can impact these various molecular targets makes it possible to develop a general outline of an anti-inflammatory diet that offers a unique, nonpharmacological approach in treating obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.