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Taxtile Nerve Extensions

  title={Taxtile Nerve Extensions},
  author={Stephen Barrass},
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A taxtile is a smart fabric that integrates tactile sensors and actuators in the same flexible material, inspired by human skin. Tactile illusions such as the ‘shrinking waist’ and the ‘stretching nose’ demonstrate that bodily awareness is dynamic and is not constrained to the physical body. The design sketch for Fauxy the Fake Fur Coat with Feelings has vibrotactile buttons sewn on the inside to connect the fabric sensor to skin sensations. We propose that bodily awareness could flow into the… 

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Tactile Feeling Display using Functional Electrical Stimulation

Qualitative results suggested that the designed stimuli succeeded in activating desired mechanoreceptors’ axons, and two methods are suggested to use anodic current stimulation as well as cathodic current.

Augmenting spatial awareness with Haptic Radar

A modular electronic device to allow users to perceive and respond simultaneously to multiple spatial information sources using haptic stimulus, and among the numerous potential applications are electronic travel aids and visual prosthetics for the blind, augmentation of spatial awareness in hazardous working environments, as well as enhanced obstacle awareness for motorcycle or car drivers.

Neural Substrate of Body Size: Illusory Feeling of Shrinking of the Waist

The results suggest that the perceived changes in the size and shape of body parts are mediated by hierarchically higher-order somatosensory areas in the parietal cortex, and suggest that relative size ofBody image is computed by the integration of more elementary somatic signals from different body segments.

Some proprioceptive influences on the perceptual representation of body shape and orientation.

  • J. Lackner
  • Biology
    Brain : a journal of neurology
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Evidence that the apparent shape and orientation of the body can be changed within seconds by using muscle vibration to generate proprioceptive misinformation about limb position is presented.

Phantoms in the brain: Probing the mysteries of the human mind

Publisher's Presentation Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran is internationally renowned for uncovering answers to the deep and quirky questions of human nature that few scientists have dared to

The Cerebral Cortex of Man

Lima’s book is the first systematic treatise on this subject published by the Portuguese school in the English language, and too little attention is paid to the numerous publications on angiography which appeared in Scandinavian, American and German literature, especially after the war.

Faux Fur Taxtiles: bridging the gap between cloth and skin

  • Proceedings of the Workshop on Transitive Materials, International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp 2007),
  • 2007

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) with Smart Textile Electrodes

  • Proc.eedings of Wearable Systems for e-Health Workshop
  • 2003