Taxonomy of urban mixed land use planning

  title={Taxonomy of urban mixed land use planning},
  author={Rewati Raman and Uttam Roy},
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Land-Use Mix and Urban Sustainability: Benefits and Indicators Analysis
Sustainable development is one of the biggest challenges for the future of our cities. With this in mind, eco-districts are essentially designed to respond to four challenges that place emphasis
Mixed Land Uses and Community Decline: Opportunities and Challenges for Mitigating Residential Vacancy in Peri-Urban Villages of China
Residential vacancy is a visible symptom of community decline in peri-urban villages of China. Mixed-use development has emerged as a possible approach for land use planning to help mitigate
Exploring the Temporal and Spatial Evolution Laws of County Green Land-Use Efficiency: Evidence from 11 Counties in Sichuan Province
With rapid urbanisation in China, sustainable urban development faces a major obstacle due to insufficient consideration of land-use efficiency. Currently, despite progress in analysing land-use
Mixed Land Use Levels in Rural Settlements and Their Influencing Factors: A Case Study of Pingba Village in Chongqing, China
Mixed land use provides an important means of promoting the intensive and efficient use of land resources and stimulating endogenous development power in rural areas. This paper selected Pingba
Mixed Land Use Evaluation and Its Impact on Housing Prices in Beijing Based on Multi-Source Big Data
The tense relationship between the supply and demand of land resources and the past spatial expansion of urban development in Beijing have brought many urban problems. Mixed land use is considered to
The Pentagon Model of Urban Social Sustainability: An Assessment of Sociospatial Aspects, Comparing Two Neighborhoods
Social concerns have caused a critical rethinking of urban space in today’s society, with sociospatial issues at the forefront of discussions. This study aims to better understand the relationship


Congestion Relief: The Land Use Alternative
Fundamental changes in traffic patterns in recent years suggest that a different arsenal will be needed in battling America's future congestion problems. This paper argues that in the absence of
The Nature of Cities
CITIES are the focal points in the occupation and utilization of t e earth by man. Both a product of and an influence on surrounding regions, they develop in definite patterns in response to economic
Abolishing Exclusionary Zoning: A Natural Policy Alliance for Environmentalists and Affordable Housing Advocates
Exclusionary zoning limits residential development over large areas, and even entire cities or towns, to single-family housing on large lots. Exclusionary zoning is unfair to people and families of
Social Sustainability and Mixed Landuse, Case Study of Neighborhoods in Nagpur, India
Social sustainability focuses on the type of development that promotes social interaction and inclusion. It gives emphasis to inclusive community, social cohesions, quality of life, social equity and
Mixed land uses, land-use externalities, and residential property values: A reevaluation
Empirical evidence concerning the impact of neighborhood land-use externalities on residential property value is mixed. That is, no concensus has emerged in the literature as to whether locating
Mixed-Use Area Development Control
The significance of the ratio of the floor area to site area in determining the economics of competing land uses in city mixed-use areas has been investigated. Theoretical analysis leads to a simple
What is mixed use? Presenting an interaction method for measuring land use mix
This study proposes a new measure of land use mix, a land use interaction method—which accounts for the extent to which complementary land uses adjoin one another—using only basic land use data.
The Death and Life of Great American Cities
1 Introduction Part One: The Peculiar Nature of Cities 2 The uses of sidewalks: safety 3 The uses of sidewalks: contact 4 The uses of sidewalks: assimilating children 5 The uses of neighbourhood
Regeneration of a Mixed Use Area in the Historic Core of a City—A Case study of ‘Chala’ in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
The process of urban regeneration is a comprehensive approach, which seeks to bring about enduring and sustainable improvement in the economic, physical, social and environmental conditions of an
Jane Jacob's Critique of Zoning: From Euclid to Portland and Beyond
Jane Jacobs's 1961 classic, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, identifies four preconditions for the creation and preservation of vibrant, diverse cities: (1) high densities of population