Taxonomy of the genus Najas L. (Najadaceae) in the neotropics

  title={Taxonomy of the genus Najas L. (Najadaceae) in the neotropics},
  author={R. Lowden},
  journal={Aquatic Botany},
Abstract The taxanomy, geography and evolutionary affinities are treated for the nine Najas taxa occurring in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of the Americas. Outstanding taxonomic characters are fruit dimensions, seed reticulations, leaf sheaths and teeth along leaf blades. Najas conferta (A. Br.) A. Br., N. marina L. and N. guadalupensis (Sprengel) Magnus are dispersed throughout the Neotropics. Two forms of N. guadalupensis , forma guadalupensis and forma floridana (Haynes and Wentz… Expand
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