Taxonomy of the Piroplasms

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  • Biology
  • Transactions of the American Microscopical Society
An Intraerythrocytic Small Piroplasm In Wild-caught Pallas's Cats (Otocolobus manul) from Mongolia
During the quarantine examination of four Pallas's cats (Otocolobus manul) imported from Mongolia in October and December 2000, intraerythrocytic piroplasms were detected on Wright-Giemsa stainedExpand
S0031182018002159jra 791..804
  • 2019
Immunochromatographic assay of Babesia caballi and Babesia equi Laveran 1901 (Theileria equi Mehlhorn and Schein, 1998) (Phylum Apicomplexa) infection in Philippine horses correlated with parasite detection in blood smears.
To the authors' knowledge, this is the fi rst immunochromatographic assay of equine babesiosis in the Philippines validated by the detection of specifi c etiologic agent(s) in blood smears. Expand
Babesia peircei sp. nov. from the jackass penguin
An avian piroplasm, Babesia peircei sp. nov. is described from the jackass penguin Spheniscus demersus. Morphological differences between Babesia peircei sp. nov. and the other valid Babesia spp. a...
The financial implications of endemic stability as a control strategy for Bovine babesiosis in veld grazing beef production systems of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands
The consumption of beef products in South Africa is expected to increase by 24% in the next ten years. To achieve the production levels, efficiency need to be optimised. Production challenges ariseExpand
IJP: Parasites and Wildlife
Haemogregarine (Apicomplexa: Adeleorina) blood parasites are commonly reported from anuran hosts. Dactylosomatidae (Jakowska and Nigrelli, 1955) is a group of haemogregarines comprising DactylosomaExpand
Diagnóstico de Babesia bovis en búfalos de la región occidental de Cuba a través de un ensayo de nPCR
Este trabajo se realizo con el objetivo de determinar si los bufalos en el Occidente de Cuba son portadores de la infeccion por Babesia bovis, empleando un ensayo de PCR Anidada (nPCR). Se procesaronExpand
Babesiosis of wild carnivores and ungulates.
  • B. Penzhorn
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Veterinary parasitology
  • 2006
There are indications that endemic stability, similar to the situation in livestock, is the general pattern in Babesia sp. Expand
SUMMARY Babesiosis is an emerging, tick-transmitted, zoonotic disease caused by hematotropic parasites of the genus Babesia. Babesial parasites (and those of the closely related genus Theileria) areExpand