Taxonomy of the Brazilian species previously placed in Mantispa Illiger, 1798 (Neuroptera: Mantispidae), with the description of three new species

  title={Taxonomy of the Brazilian species previously placed in Mantispa Illiger, 1798 (Neuroptera: Mantispidae), with the description of three new species},
  author={Renato Jos{\'e} Pires Machado and Jos{\'e} Albertino Rafael},
Here we update the status of Brazilian Mantispidae (Neuroptera) species originally placed in the Old World genus Mantispa Illiger, 1798. We revised 15 species: Buyda phthisica (Gerstaecker, 1885), Dicromantispa debilis (Gerstaecker, 1888) (= Mantispa (Mantispilla) lineaticollis Enderlein, 1910, n. syn.), Dicromantispa gracilis (Erichson, 1839), Dicromantispa hyalina n. sp., Dicromantispa leucophaea n. sp., Dicromantispa moulti (Navas, 1909) n. comb., Dicromantispa synapsis Hoffman, 2002… 
The Mantispidae of the West Indies with special reference to the Dominican Republic (Neuroptera: Mantispidae)
The Antillean fauna of Mantispidae (Neuroptera) consists of six species in four genera, all in the subfamily Mantispinae, which includes Leptomantispa antillesensis Hoffman, n.
Mantidflies of Colombia (Neuroptera, Mantispidae).
It is determined that 20 nominal species plus four proposed as new to science, in ten genera and three subfamilies occur in Colombia, and Anchieta remipes (Gerstaecker) is newly transferred to this genus from Trichoscelia.
A revision and key to the genera of Afrotropical Mantispidae (Neuropterida, Neuroptera), with the description of a new genus
The Afrotropical Mantispidae genera have previously been neglected and are poorly known and the taxonomic status of species is not dealt with in this study.
Taxonomic review of the mantidfly genus Nolima Navás (Neuroptera, Mantispidae, Calomantispinae)
The mantidfly genus Nolima Navás, 1914 (Neuroptera, Mantispidae, Calomantispinae) is herein revised and the species N.victor Navás are redescribed, while the new species Nolimacostaricensis Reynoso & Contreras, sp.
The primary types of Mantispidae (Neuropterida) in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin – An annotated catalogue
Nomenclatural and taxonomic data are provided for 63 nominal species-group taxa of Mantispidae (Insecta: Neuroptera), whose primary types are in the Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin, formerly known as
Mantispidae of the Área de Conservación Privada (ACP) Panguana, Peru
19 species of Mantispidae are now currently known from Peru, with Dicromantispa gracilis (Erichson, 1839) and ZeugomantispA virescens (Rambur, 1842) being most abundant.
A revision of and keys to the genera of the Mantispinae of the Oriental and Palearctic regions (Neuroptera: Mantispidae).
The Mantispinae (Neuroptera: Mantispidae) genera of the Oriental and Palearctic regions are revised. A morphological key to the genera is generated. Austroclimaciella, Campancella, Mantispa,
Mantispa styriaca (poda, 1761) (Neuroptera: Mantispidae) in Romania – a new record after a half of century
A new record of the species Mantispa styriaca is reported after a half- century, and insights regarding the species ecology are given.
On Afromantispa and Mantispa (Insecta, Neuroptera, Mantispidae): elucidating generic boundaries
Abstract The genus Afromantispa Snyman & Ohl, 2012 was recently synonymised with Mantispa Illiger, 1798 by Monserrat (2014). Here morphological evidence is presented in support of restoring the genus


A revision of the Australian Mantispidae (Insecta : Neuroptera) with a contribution to the classification of the family. II.* Calomantispinae and Mantispinae
The Australian Calomantispinae and Mantispinee are revised and the following new genera and species are described: Asperala (type-species Mantispa erythraea Brauer, 1867); Austromantispa trevori; Calomanispa venusta; Campion callosus; C. spiniferus; Spaminta ( type-species S. minjerribae, sp. nov).
A new species of Mantispidae (Insecta: Neuroptera) from Central Amazonia, Brazil
The genus Mantispa Illiger, now restricted to the Old World, was divided in six genera in the New World (Hoffman, 2002) and a new species is found described below.
A revision of the Australian Mantispidae (Insecta : Neuroptera) with a contribution to the classification of the family. I. General and Drepanicinae
The Australian Mantispidae is reviewed and a new classification of the family involving four subfamilies is proposed, as follows: Symphrasinae (Anchieta, Trichoscelia, Plega), Drepanicinae(Drepanicus), Drepanicus, Ditaxis, Theristria, Gerstaeckerella, and Mantispinee (remaining Recent genera).
The Neuropterid Fauna of Dominican and Mexican Amber (Neuropterida: Megaloptera, Neuroptera)
Abundance and diversity of Neuroptera in ambers appear to be related to the abundance of Sternorrhyncha, on which many neuropterans feed.
The Mantispidae (Insecta: Neuroptera) of Canada, with notes on morphology, ecology, and distribution1
Abstract Morphological, biological, and distributional data are presented for the four Canadian species of Mantispidae. A key for the identification of these species is provided. Climaciella brunnea
The 39 species of Mantispidae known from Brazil are described, keys are presented for their identification, and distributions recorded. Five new synonomies are proposed: Gerstaeckerella anchietai
Caracterização das espécies de Mantispa Illiger ocorrentes no Rio Grande do Sul (Neuroptera, Mantispidae)
Species of Mantispa Illiger, 1798 ocurring in Rio Grande do Sul State, including synonyms, morphometrics aspects and systematics keys for several taxa, are given. Besides of Mantispa minuta
Mantispidae (Neuroptera) of Mexico: Distribution and Key to Genera
An illustrated key to the genera of Mexican Mantispidae is provided, as well as a list of pertinent taxonomic literature for species identification, to reveal 23 species from Mexico.
Mantispa minuta Fabricius (Neuroptera: Mantispidae) on Egg Sacs of the Orb-Weaver Spider Parawixia bistriata (Araneidae) in Forests of Eucalyptus grandis in Brazil
This association illustrates the interactions among the invertebrate predators coexisting in Eucalyptus plantations managed without chemical treatment, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.
Review of the generic level classification of New World Mantispidae (Neuroptera)
A classificacao superior de Mantispidae no Novo Mundo e revisado y o genero Mantispa e dividido em quatro grupos de especies, e o genera Entanoneura e redefinido.