Taxonomy of Machaeranthera sect. Psilactis (Compositae—Astereae)

  title={Taxonomy of Machaeranthera sect. Psilactis (Compositae—Astereae)},
  author={B. Turner and D. Horne},
The genus Psilactis was proposed by Gray in 1849 to include two species, P. asteroides and P. coulteri. Three additional species were added by 1900: P. brevilingulata (Hemsley, in 1879) ; P. tennis (S. Watson, in 1891) ; and P. crispa (Brandegee, in 1889). A sixth species, P. lepta, described by Shinners in 1949, proved to be a synonym of P. asteroides. In the present t reatment we have added two additional species, Machaeranlhera mexicana and M. arida, bringing the total to seven. At the time… Expand
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