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Taxonomy of Big Data: A Survey

  title={Taxonomy of Big Data: A Survey},
  author={Ripon Patgiri},
The Big Data is the most popular paradigm nowadays and it has almost no untouched area. For instance, science, engineering, economics, business, social science, and government. The Big Data are used to boost up the organization performance using massive amount of dataset. The Data are assets of the organization, and these data gives revenue to the organizations. Therefore, the Big Data is spawning everywhere to enhance the organizations' revenue. Thus, many new technologies emerging based on… 

Federated Learning for Big Data: A Survey on Opportunities, Applications, and Future Directions

A survey on the use of federated learning for big data services and applications is presented, aiming to provide general readers with an overview of FL, big data, and the motivations behind the use.

A Survey on Large Scale Metadata Server for Big Data Storage

The article surveys on the various kinds of MDS architecture, designs, and methodologies and presents the issues and challenges of M DS for mammoth sized data.

Big Data Storage System Based on a Distributed Hash Tables System

This document not only analyses the and MapReduce implementations and Top-Level Domain (TLD)s in general, but it also provides a description of a model of DHT as well as some guidelines for the planification of the future research.

C4I System Security Architecture: A Perspective on Big Data Lifecycle in a Military Environment

The proposed system framework and security architecture more accurately explain the unique nature of the military domain than those studied in healthcare, smart grids, and smart cities; development directions requiring further research are described.

Big spatial data for urban and environmental sustainability

This paper introduces four case studies and provides evidence that integrated methods can harness the advantages of both traditional data and BSD and improve the effectiveness of big data itself.

The State of the Art in Visual Analysis Approaches for Ocean and Atmospheric Datasets

An extensive survey of research advances in the visual analysis of ocean and atmospheric datasets, evaluating existing models and frameworks related to data analysis, sense‐making, and knowledge discovery for visual analytics applications, and identifying the gaps in current research are performed.

Effective Parallel Computing via a Free Stale Synchronous Parallel Strategy

FSSP is improved from stale synchronous parallel (SSP) strategy, which can effectively and accurately figure out the slow nodes and eliminate the negative effects of those nodes.

A Free Stale Synchronous Parallel Strategy for Distributed Machine Learning

This work proposed a free stale synchronous parallel (FSSP) strategy to free the system from the negative impact of those nodes that exhibit poor performance and drag down the efficiency of the whole system.

Visualization and Visual Analytics Approaches for Image and Video Datasets: A Survey

This survey paper presents the current state of the art at the intersection of visualization and visual analytics, and image and video data analysis, and categorizes the visualization papers included in this survey based on different taxonomies used in visualization andVisual analytics research.



A Survey of Different Technologies and Recent Challenges of Big Data

This paper initially points out the recent developed information technologies in the field of big data and outlines the major key problems like, proper load balancing, storage and processing of small files and de-duplication regarding the big data.

Big data: a research agenda

Three important aspects of Big Data research are discussed, namely OLAP over Big Data, Big Data Posting, and Privacy of Big data, and future research directions are depicted, hence implicitly defining a research agenda aiming at leading future challenges in this research field.

Big data preprocessing: methods and prospects

The definition, characteristics, and categorization of data preprocessing approaches in big data are introduced and research challenges are discussed, with focus on developments on different big data framework, such as Hadoop, Spark and Flink.

Big Data: The V's of the Game Changer Paradigm

  • Ripon PatgiriArif Ahmed
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE 18th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; IEEE 14th International Conference on Smart City; IEEE 2nd International Conference on Data Science and Systems (HPCC/SmartCity/DSS)
  • 2016
The volume of Big Data is redefined by engaging three other V's, namely, voluminosity, vacuum, and vitality, and two new V's are augments to the Big Data paradigm,namely, vendee and vase.

Main Issues in Big Data Security

The outcome of this research is a big picture of the main problems related to security in a Big Data system, along with the principal solutions to them proposed by the research community.

Big data technologies and Management: What conceptual modeling can do

Scaling big data mining infrastructure: the twitter experience

This paper discusses the evolution of Twitter's infrastructure and the development of capabilities for data mining on "big data", and observes that a major challenge in building data analytics platforms stems from the heterogeneity of the various components that must be integrated together into production workflows.

Managing big data integrity

This paper throws light on integrity issues for big data and a new model about how preserving integrity in the context of big data is handled is introduced.

Graph databases: A survey

  • Rohit kumar Kaliyar
  • Computer Science
    International Conference on Computing, Communication & Automation
  • 2015
An overview of the different type of graph databases, applications, and comparison between their models based on some properties is given.

Large graph visualizations using a distributed computing platform