Taxonomy and Distribution of Deep-Sea Bigscales and Whalefishes (Teleostei: Stephanoberycoidei) Collected off Northeastern Brazil, Including Seamounts and Oceanic Islands

  title={Taxonomy and Distribution of Deep-Sea Bigscales and Whalefishes (Teleostei: Stephanoberycoidei) Collected off Northeastern Brazil, Including Seamounts and Oceanic Islands},
  author={Gabriel Vin{\'i}cius Felix Afonso and Fabio Di Dario and Leandro Nol{\'e} Eduardo and Fl{\'a}via Lucena‐Fr{\'e}dou and Arnaud Bertrand and Michael Maia Mincarone},
  journal={Ichthyology \& Herpetology},
  pages={467 - 488}
Despite the increasing number of studies on the systematics of the Stephanoberycoidei (bigscales, pricklefishes, gibberfishes, hispidoberycids, and whalefishes) globally, knowledge about the diversity and distribution of the group in the western South Atlantic still remains fragmentary. In this study, we present new anatomical (meristic and morphometric) and distributional data for 18 species of the Stephanoberycoidei based on the examination of 150 specimens recently collected during the… 

Deep-sea dragonfishes (Teleostei: Stomiiformes) collected from off northeastern Brazil, with a review of the species reported from the Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone

55 species of the Stomiiformes of the order collected during the ABRACOS (Acoustics along the BRAzilian COaSt) expeditions off northeastern Brazil are reported, including islands and seamounts of Fernando de Noronha Ridge.

Deep-sea anglerfishes (Lophiiformes: Ceratioidei) from off northeastern Brazil, with remarks on the ceratioids reported from the Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone

Twenty species of the Ceratioidei, in addition to unidentified species of Caulophryne, Dolopichthys, and Rhynchactis, are confirmed in the Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone.

Rich and underreported: First integrated assessment of the diversity of mesopelagic fishes in the Southwestern Tropical Atlantic

Mesopelagic fishes play critical ecological roles by sequestering carbon, recycling nutrients, and acting as a key trophic link between primary consumers and higher trophic levels. They are also an

Discovery of Poromitra macrophthalma (Melamphaidae) in the Atlantic Ocean

Abstract The occurrence of big-eyed rhinofish Poromitra macrophthalma in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean is reported for the first time. This species was previously known only in tropical and



Deep-sea bigscales, pricklefishes, gibberfishes and whalefishes (Teleostei: Stephanoberycoidei) off Brazil: new records, range extensions for the south-western Atlantic Ocean and remarks on the taxonomy of Poromitra.

Nine species of the Stephanoberycoidei are reported here for the first time in Brazilian waters, and most of them represent new range extensions for the south-western Atlantic Ocean.

On new collections of deep-sea Gadiformes (Actinopterygii: Teleostei) from the Brazilian continental slope, between 11° and 23° S

New collections made by the French research vessel Thalassa and the Brazilian Astro Garoupa on the Brazilian continental slope revealed a great diversity of deep-sea gadiforms obtained between 200 and 2270 m.

Deep-sea oceanic basslets (Perciformes, Howellidae) from Brazil: new records and range extensions

The occurrence of the oceanic basslet (Howellidae) in Brazilian waters is reported, and specimens previously reported in the literature as Howella brodie Ogilby, 1899 are reidentified as H. atlantica, extending the known distribution to northeastern and southeastern Brazil.

A new deep-sea species of Barathronus Goode & Bean from Brazil, with notes on Barathronus bicolor Goode & Bean (Ophidiiformes: Aphyonidae)

A new species of Barathronus (Ophidiiformes: Aphyonidae) is described from a single, mature male specimen (101 mm SL) bottom trawled on the continental slope of Rio Grande do Norte, northeastern

Lanternfish (Myctophidae) from eastern Brazil, southwest Atlantic Ocean

Twenty-nine species from 11 genera of Myctophidae were taken in daytime midwater and bottom trawl hauls off eastern Brazil (11 o -22 o S). Trawls were performed aboard the French R/V Thalassa to

A new genus and species of deep demersal fish (Teleostei: Stephanoberycidae) from the tropical eastern North Atlantic

A novel stephanoberycid genus and species, Abyssoberyx levisquamosus Merrett & Moore is reported from bottom-trawl abyssal captures in 4490-4640 m depth and its biology and ecology are discussed.

On the finding of two rare deep-water fish species in waters off southeastern Sakhalin

693 Examining fund collections of the Laboratory of Ichthyology of the Institute of Marine Biology (Far East Brunch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), the authors found two specimens of rare fish

Revision of the genus Poromitra (Melamphaidae): Part 6. Species of the P. megalops group

This study demonstrated that P. megalops occurs only in the Atlantic Ocean and that in the Indian Ocean and the central part of the Pacific Ocean, P. macrophthalma (Gilchrist) dwells.

Deep-sea manefishes (Perciformes: Caristiidae) from oceanic islands and seamounts off northeastern Brazil, with comments on the caristiids previously reported in Brazilian waters

ABSTRACT The manefishes of the family Caristiidae are rare, poorly known deep-sea species with broad geographical distribution. This study provides new information on the diversity and distribution