Taxonomic studies in the Aizoaceae from South Africa: three new species and some new combinations.

  title={Taxonomic studies in the Aizoaceae from South Africa: three new species and some new combinations.},
  author={Cornelia Klak},
  • C. Klak
  • Published 3 February 2000
  • Biology
  • Bothalia
Two new species of Brownanthus , B glareicola Klak and B fratemus Klak and one new species of Scopelogena , S. bruynsii Klak are described. S. gracilis L.Bolus is reduced to synonymy under S . verruculata (L.) L Bolus. Three new combinations are made: Antimima excedens (L.Bolus) Klak. Erepsia dunensis (Sond.) Klak and Hammeria meleagris (L.Bolus) Klak and full synonomy is given  Lampranthus maximilianii (Schltr. & A.Berger) L Bolus is transferred back to Braunsia maximilianii (Schltr. & A… 

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