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Taxonomic revision of the genus Didymodon Hedw. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) in Europe, North Africa and Southwest and Central Asia

  title={Taxonomic revision of the genus Didymodon Hedw. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) in Europe, North Africa and Southwest and Central Asia},
  author={Juan A. Jim{\'e}nez},
  journal={Journal of The Hattori Botanical Laboratory},
  • J. A. Jiménez
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • Journal of The Hattori Botanical Laboratory

Didymodon hengduanensis (Bryophyta, Pottiaceae), a new species from the Hengduan Mountains, Southwestern China

Didymodon hengduanensis is described as a new species from the Hengduan Mountains in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, China. It is characterized mainly by its lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate and

Didymodon kunlunensis D.P.Zhao, S.Mamtimin & S.He (Pottiaceae), a new species from Xinjiang, China

The new species is characterised by a combination of the following characters: ovate leaves with laminal cells always smooth, red colour in KOH, recurved leaf margins from base to apex, a percurrent costa without dorsal and ventral stereid bands in cross section, a distinct stem central strand and the presence of gemmae in the leaf axils.

Molecular and morphological studies on the Didymodon tophaceus complex

The molecular study based on nrITS sequence data of some selected specimens of all the three species suggests that D. erosus is much more frequent and widespread in Europe than supposed and, furthermore, is morphologically much more variable than previously described.

Didymodon sicculus und Tortula pallida neu für die Flora von Deutschland von Binnensalzstellen in Ostdeutschland

Didymodon sicculus wird als neu für die Flora von Deutschland von Binnensalzstellen in Thüringen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Brandenburg gemeldet anders danach erstmals aus Sachsen angegeben.

Reinstatment of Species Rank for Didymodon gelidus (Bryophyta, Pottiaceae)

The Antarctic subendemic moss species Didymodon gelidus Cardot has been considered to be identical to the Holarctic D. brachyphyllus (Sull.) R.H.Zander, and consequently the names of these two species are considered synonymous.

Didymodon mongolicus (Bryophyta, Pottiaceae), a new species from Mongolian Plateau

Didymodon mongolicus D. P. Zhao &T. R. Zhang is described as a new species from northern China and Mongolia. The new taxon is distinguished from others species of the genus by its small, ovate

Mosses of the Mediterranean, an Annotated Checklist

Abstract The names of all mosses published up to the end of August 2011 in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Macaronesian Islands and Bulgaria are compiled in an annotated checklist. The

A multilocus phylogeny of the moss genus Didymodon and allied genera (Pottiaceae): Generic delimitations and their implications for systematics

Preliminary phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences for three plastid markers and one nuclear locus indicate that Didymodon s.l. is not monophyletic, because Andinella, Gertrudiella and Tridontium species are nested within it.

Phylogeny and divergence time estimation of the genus Didymodon (Pottiaceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast markers

The largest scale phylogenetic relationship of Didymodon to date was presented and the phylogenetic status of some controversial taxa and the new species were resolved and divergence time estimation showed that Didy modon species originated around the early Cretaceous, and the diversification was concentrated in theCretaceous and Eocene.

Six new records of Pottiaceae (Bryophyta) for Cyprus

  • M. Cano
  • Environmental Science
  • 2021
Abstract: Cano, M. J. 2020. Six new records of Pottiaceae (Bryophyta) for Cyprus. – Herzogia 33: 548–553. Based on recent collections made in Cyprus, six species of Pottiaceae (Didymodon eckeliae, D.