Taxonomic revision of Syringa pinetorum complex (Oleaceae)

  title={Taxonomic revision of Syringa pinetorum complex (Oleaceae)},
  author={Jinyi Chen and Zuoshuang Zhang and Deyuan. Hong},
  journal={Journal of Systematics and Evolution},
Five species of the Syringa pinetorum complex described by previous authors are revised. Syringa wardii W. W. Sm., S. mairei (H. Lev.) Rehder, S. rugulosa McKelvey and S. chuanxiensis S. Z. Qu & X. L. Chen are treated as synonyms of S. pinetorum on the basis of population sampling, character analysis and principal coordinate analysis, and S. mairei is a new synonym. Only one variable species, S. pinetorum, is here recognized in the complex. were sampled across northern Yunnan and western… Expand

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