Taxonomic revision of Richea R.Br. (Epacridaceae)

  title={Taxonomic revision of Richea R.Br. (Epacridaceae)},
  author={Yvonne Menadue and R. K. Crowden},
A revision of Richea R.Br., endemic to Australia, on the basis of new morphological and phytochemical evidence derived from fresh and herbarium material, recognises 11 species:R. acerosa (Lindl) F.Muell., R. alpina sp. nov. Y.Menadue, R. continentis B.L.Burtt, R. dracophylla R.Br., R. gunnii Hook.f., R. milliganii (Hook.f.) F.Muell., R. pandanifolia Hook.f.,R. procera(F.Muell) F.Muell., R. scoparia Hook.f., R. sprengelioides (R.Br.) F.Muell., and R. victoriana Y.Menadue. Richea angustifolia B.L… CONTINUE READING


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