Taxonomic review of the mantidfly genus Nolima Navás (Neuroptera, Mantispidae, Calomantispinae)

  title={Taxonomic review of the mantidfly genus Nolima Nav{\'a}s (Neuroptera, Mantispidae, Calomantispinae)},
  author={Daniel Reynoso-Velasco and Atilano Contreras-Ramos},
  pages={131 - 158}
Abstract The mantidfly genus Nolima Navás, 1914 (Neuroptera, Mantispidae, Calomantispinae) is herein revised. Nolima is endemic to the New World, ranging from the southwestern United States south to Costa Rica. Nolimainfensa Navás, N.pinal Rehn, and N.victor Navás are redescribed, while the new species Nolimacostaricensis Reynoso & Contreras, sp. nov. is described from Costa Rica. The species N.dine Rehn and N.kantsi Rehn are synonymized with N.pinal. Additionally, the species N.praeliator Nav… 

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