Taxonomic diversity, origin, and conservation status of Bermuda killifishes (Fundulus) based on mitochondrial cytochrome b phylogenies

  title={Taxonomic diversity, origin, and conservation status of Bermuda killifishes (Fundulus) based on mitochondrial cytochrome b phylogenies},
  author={James M. Grady and D Katharine Coykendall and Bruce B. Collette and Joseph M. Quattro},
  journal={Conservation Genetics},
Sequence variation in the mitochondrialCytochrome b (Cytb) gene was assayed infour of six extant Bermuda killifishpopulations, representing two endemic species,to test taxonomic and phylogenetic hypothesesand reconstruct colonization history. Twodivergent (4.6%) haplotypes were detected; oneis identical to the Georgia 2c haplotype ofF. heteroclitus and is fixed in threeeastern populations: Lover's Lake (F.relictus), Mangrove Lake (F. bermudae),and Walsingham Pond. The second is fixed… CONTINUE READING
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