Taxonomic changes within Imatidiini and Hybosispini (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae)

  title={Taxonomic changes within Imatidiini and Hybosispini (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae)},
  author={Luk{\'a}{\vs} Sekerka},
  journal={Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae},
  • L. Sekerka
  • Published 20 December 2017
  • Biology
  • Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae
Type specimens of various taxa of Imatidiini and Hybosispini were examined to verify their identity. The following taxonomic changes are proposed based on these comparisons. New combinations: Cephaloleia apertura (Staines, 2013) comb. nov. (from Aslamidium Borowiec, 1984), Cephaloleia jataiensis (Pic, 1923) comb. nov. (from Xenispa Baly, 1859), Pseudimatidium bicoloricornis (Pic, 1926) comb. nov. (from Windsorispa Sekerka, 2014), Xanthispa miniacea (Blanchard, 1843) comb. nov. (from Homalispa… 
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Based on new synonymies, changes in generic system, and study of type material, the following new combinations are proposed: Cephaloleia basalis (Weise, 1910) comb.
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The name Aslamidium was proposed by Borowiec (1984) to replace the junior homonym Imatidium Aslam, 1965 (not Fabricius 1801). The type species is Cassida capensis Herbst by original designation.
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Cassidine larvae are poorly documented, requiring close examination of leaves for blotch and linear mines, and it is most efficient to collect cassidines by targeted beating with sheet on such plants.
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Thirty-one species of Cephaloleiini are assigned to new genera, creating new combinations: 19 to Parimatidium Spaeth, 10 to Stilpnaspis Weise, and two to Demotispa Baly. Demotispa peruana membrata
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It is suggested that leaf rolls in Zingiberales plants satisfy the definition of phytotelmata because they retain rainwater and debris and support a community with aquatic, subaquatic and terrestrial insects.
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