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Taxonomic and molecular identification of bakernema, criconema, hemicriconemoides, ogma and xenocriconemella species (nematoda: criconematidae).

  title={Taxonomic and molecular identification of bakernema, criconema, hemicriconemoides, ogma and xenocriconemella species (nematoda: criconematidae).},
  author={Marco Antonio Mateos Cordero and Robert T. Robbins and Allen L. Szalanski},
  journal={Journal of nematology},
  volume={44 4},
Populations of Bakernema inaequale, C. petasum, C. sphagni, C. mutabile, Ogma octangulare, Xenocriconemella macrodora and Hemicriconemoides chitwoodi were identified and re-described from different geographical areas in the continental United States and molecularly characterized. Two new species of spine nematodes Criconema arkaense n. sp. from Washington County and Lee County, Arkansas and Criconema warrenense n. sp from Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas are also described and named. Criconema… 


This molecular phylogenetic study showed that ITS1-rDNA sequences are too variable to study phylogenetics of Criconematoidea, but is useful to identify and to characterize species within families.

Molecular based-phylogenetic relationships in the superfamily Criconematoidea using ITS1-rDNA.

This molecular phylogenetic study showed that ITS1-rDNA sequences are too variable to study phylogenetics of Criconematoidea, but is useful to identify and to characterize species within families.

A Proposed New Species Complex within the Cosmopolitan Ring Nematode Criconema annuliferum (de Man, 1921) Micoletzky, 1925

The integrative taxonomical analyses reveal the presence of two cryptic species identified using females, males (when available), and juveniles with detailed morphology, morphometry, and molecular markers (D2-D3, ITS, 18S, and COI), described herein as Criconema paraannuliferum sp.

Species discovery and diversity in Lobocriconema (Criconematidae: Nematoda) and related plant-parasitic nematodes from North American ecoregions.

Unlike agricultural pest species of plant-parasitic nematodes, there is little evidence of long-distance dispersal in Lobocriconema as revealed by haplotype distribution, which suggests the existence of phylogeographic patterns associated with recolonization of formerly glaciated regions by eastern deciduous forest.

Distribution, morphology, seasonal dynamics, and molecular characterization of Tylenchulus semipenetrans from citrus orchards in southern Iran

Abstract Tylenchulus semipenetrans was identified morphologically from root samples collected from citrus orchards in Shahdad region, southeastern Iran. The number of juveniles and females averaged

First report of two Mesocriconema (Nematoda: Criconematidae) species in mulberry trees in Costa Rica

This is the first report of nematodes from the Criconematidae family associated to mulberry trees and it provides additional information on the distribution of this phytoparasite.

Nematodes of Agricultural Importance in North and South Carolina

This review documented all the plant parasitic nematodes species in total of 105 species occurred in North Carolina and South Carolina so far and elaborated the major damaging nematode species including root knot, soybean cyst, reniform, sting, lesion, lance, stubby root and tobacco cyst as a guidance for future nematODE research and management.

The Measure of Nematode Diversity in Response to Varying Management Practices and Features in Restored and Remnant Prairie Ecosystems

To find if below ground diversity measurements can be used as an evaluative measure of prairie restoration success, the nematode family criconematidae was used as a indicator species and compared with four prairies of differing attributes demonstrating restorative quality.

Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange

This thesis investigates the connection between the cultural authorities of the Third Reich and the works of William Shakespeare. Nazi cultural authorities utilized theater as a milieu of




Five new species of Criconemoides Taylor, 1936 are described and one appears to resemble C. annulatum.

Studies On the Genus Criconemoides Taylor, 1936 With Descriptions of Eleven New Species and Bakernema Variabile N. Sp. (Criconematidae: Nematoda)

The nominal species of Criconemoides now total 85, eleven of which are described here as new, including males of macrodorum and mutabilis are described for the first time and a new species of Bakernema also is described.

Morphological and Molecular Identification of Globodera pallida Associated with Potato in Idaho.

The identity of a newly discovered population of pale potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida associated with potato in eastern Idaho was established by morphological and molecular methods.

A reappraisal of Tylenchina ( Nemata ) : 10. The superfamily Criconematoidea Taylor, 1936

Criconematina is reviewed and proposed at superfamily rank only, Cric onematoidea, with two families : CricOnematidae with two subfamilies and Tylenchulidae, with three subfam families (Tylenchulae, Paratylenchinae, tylenchocricon ematinae), and Hemicycliophorinae withTwo genera are recognized.

Molecular characterisation of the ribosomal DNA of Paratrichodorus macrostylus, P. pachydermus, Trichodorus primitivus and T. similis (Nematoda: Trichodoridae)

Characterisation of ribosomal DNA of four trichodorid species from two different genera indicated perfect and non-homologous repeats which were confined to the middle of the ITS regions, and the longest reported to date in the Phylum Nematoda.

Criconemoides Magnoliae N. Sp. and C. Juniperi N. Sp. (Nematoda: Criconematidae) From Kumaon Region, Uttar Pradesh, India

Two new species of Criconemoides viz. C. magnoliae and C. juniperi are described. C. magnoliae n. sp. associated with rhizosphere of Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora L.) is characterised by 100-110

Criconematidae (Nematoda) from oak forests in two nature reserves in Russia

Seven criconematid species were recovered from soil samples collected from oak forests in the Shulgan-Tash and Voronezh nature reserves in Russia, and examination of C. pleriannulatus by SEM confirmed the absence of submedian lobes and revealed the presence of a small lip annule; juveniles exhibit fringe-like cuticular ornamentation of the annules.

Bakernema yukonense n. sp. (Nematoda: Criconematidae) with keys to the species of Criconemella and Discocriconemella

A new species of Bakernema from the Yukon, Canada is described and illustrated and the generic diagnosis is also emended.

Criconematidae (Nemata) From Brazil

Soil samples collected in Brazil yielded eleven species of Criconematidae; two of them are described as new species belonging to the genus CIConemella De Grisse & Loof, 1965, and males of this species are described for the first time.

Generic revision of Criconematidae (Nematoda): Nothocriconema and related genera with proposals for Nothocriconemella n.gen. and Paracriconema n.gen.

Two proposed new genera, Nothocriconemella and Paracriconema, are described, and new combinations include Lobocric onema and sphagni are transferred to NothOCric onemella, becoming new combinations.