Taxonomic and floristic notes on neotropical Macromitrioideae (Orthotrichaceae)

  title={Taxonomic and floristic notes on neotropical Macromitrioideae (Orthotrichaceae)},
  author={Bernard Goffinet},
  journal={Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution},
  • B. Goffinet
  • Published 31 December 1993
  • Biology
  • Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution
Upon examination of type material, the following new synonymies are proposed: Macromitrium altituberculosum Bartr. with M. carionis C. Muell.; M. aureum C. Muell. with M. longifolium (Hook.) Brid.; M. crumianum Steere & Buck with M. leprieurii Mont.; M. semimarginatum C. Muell. with Groutiella chimborazense (Spruce ex Mitten) Florsch.; M. standleyi Bartr. var. subundulatum Bartr. with M. fulgescens Bartr. In addition, the following synonymies were confirmed: M. brevipes C. Muell. with… 
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