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Taxonomic and biogeographic revision of the New Guinean genus Ophiotettix Walker, 1871 (Tetrigidae: Metrodorinae: Ophiotettigini trib. nov.), with the descriptions of 33 new species

  title={Taxonomic and biogeographic revision of the New Guinean genus Ophiotettix Walker, 1871 (Tetrigidae: Metrodorinae: Ophiotettigini trib. nov.), with the descriptions of 33 new species},
  author={Josef Tumbrinck},
Long-headed pygmy grasshoppers (genus Ophiotettix Walker, 1871) from the New Guinean region (New Guinea and adjacent islands) are taxonomically and biogeographically reviewed. For Ophiotettix and the morphologically similar genera Paraspartolus Gunther, 1939, Spartolus Stal, 1877 and Threciscus Bolivar, 1887 a new tribe is erected, Ophiotettigini trib. nov. This tribe is close to Clinophaestini Storozhenko, 2013, which is placed here also under Metrodorinae. Bufonidinae syn. rev. are regarded… 
New taxa of pygmy grasshoppers from Australia with notes on classification of the subfamily Batrachideinae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
The pygmy grasshopper subfamily Batrachideinae consists of three tribes and four new combinations are proposed: Paraselina multifora (Rehn, 1952), Comb.
Taxonomic and biogeographic revision of the genus Lamellitettigodes (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) with description of two new species and additional notes on Lamellitettix, Probolotettix, and Scelimena
The genus Lamellitettigodes Günther, 1939 from Southeast Asia is reviewed and one species is transferred from Tetrix Latreille, 1802 to Lamellingtonix Hancock, 1904, where it is no longer regarded as a subspecies of L. contractus, but a separate species.
Pygmy Hunchback of New Caledonia: Notredamia dora gen. n. et sp. n. – A New Cladonotin (Caelifera: Tetrigidae) Genus and Species from Oceania
A new monotypic genus from the archipelago—Caledonian Pygmy Hunchback (Notredamia Skejo, Deranja et Adžić gen. n.) including a single species—N.
Discovering insect species based on photographs only: The case of a nameless species of the genus Scaria (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
Without nomenclatural actions, a new species of the Batrachidein pygmy grasshoppers belonging to the genus Scaria Bolívar, 1887 is identified from the Andean rainforest in Peru.
Presence of the four-spined pygmy devil, Arulenus validispinus (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae), confirmed in Bukidnon region on the island of Mindanao, Philippines
The four-spined pygmy devil (Arulenus validispinus Stål, 1877) is an endemic species to the Philippines described more than 140 years ago from a single female specimen, and its morphology and habitat are described.
Povijesni pregled istraţivanja širokonosnih trnovratki (Tetrigidae:Cladonotinae) – od Bolívara do Tumbrincka
U radu se sistematski obrađuje povijest taksonomije sirokonosnih trnovratki (Tetrigidae: Cladonotinae). Obrađeni su najznacajniji znanstvenici ko


Taxonomy and morphological characterization of Allotettix simoni (Bolívar, 1890) and implications for the systematics of Metrodorinae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)
Aiming to fill the current lack of knowledge, a complete anatomical description of adult and last instar nymphs of Allotettix simoni is provided and molecular analyses of the COI data set do not support the monophyly of the subfamily Metrodorinae with respect to Tetriginae.
On the Taxonomy of the Genus Rosacris Bolívar , 1931 ( Orthoptera : Tetrigidae )
The species is morphologically similar to members of the genus Metamazarredia Günther, 1939 from the Philippines and the genus is transferred from the subfamily Discotettiginae to Metrodorinae.
Review of the subfamily Tripetalocerinae Bolívar, 1887 (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae).
Subfamily Tripetalocerinae consist of four genera distributed in Southeast Asia and new tribe Clinophaestini trib.
300 million years of diversification: elucidating the patterns of orthopteran evolution based on comprehensive taxon and gene sampling
A robust phylogeny of Orthoptera is established including 36 of 40 families representing all 15 currently recognized superfamilies and based on complete mitochondrial genomes and four nuclear loci, in order to test previous phylogenetic hypotheses and to provide a framework for a natural classification and a reference for studying the pattern of divergence and diversification.
A Synonymic catalogue of grasshoppers and their allies of the world : orthoptera : caelifera
This is a catalogue of grasshoppers and their families from all over the world, from 1758 to 1990. It contains nine families, 2261 genera, and 10,136 species. These families are arranged according to
Biodiversity, biogeography and nature conservation in Wallacea and New Guinea /
The Star Mountains wilderness on the island of New Guinea presents a unique opportunity to conserve a region of global significance. Stretching for nearly 300 km, it straddles the international
Thesaurus Entomologicus Oxoniensis: or Illustrations of new, rare and interesting insects, for the most part coloured, in the collections presented to the University of Oxford by the Rev
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  • 1874
Estudio monográfico del género Ophiottettix Walker (Orth
  • Acrid.). – Memorias de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural 15 : 879–892.
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Beschrijving van eene nieuwe Tetrix-soort
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