Taxonomic Monograph of Saxicolella (Podostemaceae), African waterfall plants highly threatened by Hydro-Electric projects, with five new species

  title={Taxonomic Monograph of Saxicolella (Podostemaceae), African waterfall plants highly threatened by Hydro-Electric projects, with five new species},
  author={Martin Cheek and Denise Molmou and S{\'e}kou Magassouba and Jean-Paul Ghogue},
The genus Saxicolella Engl. (Podostemaceae) are African rheophytes, restricted to rapids and waterfalls as are all members of the family. Previously, Saxicolella sensu lato was shown to be polyphyletic with two separate clades in the molecular phylogenetic study of Koi et al. (2012). The name Pohliella Engl. was recently resurrected for one clade that is sister to the American genera Ceratolacis (Tul.)Wedd., Podostemum Michx. and all Old World Podostemoideae (podostemoids) (Cheek 2020… 
The endemic plant species of Bali Ngemba Forest Reserve, Bamenda Highlands Cameroon, with a new Endangered cloud-forest tree species Vepris onanae (Rutaceae)
Vepris onanae appears unique among the Guineo-Congolian African oricioid species of Vepris in occurring in cloud forest, the other species, apart from V. renierii of the Albertine Rift, occurring in lowland forest.


A synoptic revision of Pohliella (Podostemaceae) with notes on Aulea, Cipoia and Saxicolella
Pohliella is shown to be the correct name for the first clade of Saxicolella, and a synoptic treatment of its three published species is given, one of which is extinct, and two are threatened, however, a fourth, unpublished species exists.
How to get off the mismatch at the generic rank in African Podostemaceae?
The Podostemaceae are highly enigmatic plants which are restricted to submerged river-rock habitats and the availability of new material from continental Africa prompted this new study, which proposes restricting Ledermanniella to the species of the former subgenus Ledermannilla, resurrecting Monandriella as monotypic genus, and accepting the genus name Inversodicraea.
Taxonomic revision of the threatened African genus Pseudohydrosme Engl. (Araceae), with P. ebo, a new, Critically Endangered species from Ebo, Cameroon
This is the first revision in nearly 130 years of the African genus Pseudohydrosme, formerly considered endemic to Gabon, and three species, one new to science, are recognised, in two sections.
Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Podostemaceae: implications for taxonomy of major groups
Molecular phylogenetic analysis of matK sequences for 657 samples showed that plants of Tristicha (Tristichoideae) and of Weddellina (Weddellinoideae), which are currently treated as monospecific, had great matK differentiation equivalent to at least interspecific variation.
Developmental morphology of Saxicolella amicorum and S. submersa (Podostemaceae: Podostemoideae) from Ghana
Structural diversity and developmental patterns in the Ghanaian Saxicolella species are compared with other African Podostemoideae and taxonomically used characters such as root, holdfasts, pollen, capsules, and seeds are demonstrated and discussed.
Describing a New Species into a Polyphyletic Genus: Taxonomic Novelty in Ledermanniella s.l. (Podostemaceae) from Cameroon
A new species of Ledermanniella s.l. is described while addressing the problem of describing a species into a polyphyletic genus with a phylogenetic approach and based on Bayesian phylogenetic inference, Inversodicraea achoundongii is described, which is inferred in a clade with I. cristata, I. ntemensis, and I. annithomae.
Kindia (Pavetteae, Rubiaceae), a new cliff-dwelling genus with chemically profiled colleter exudate from Mt Gangan, Republic of Guinea
Kindia is a subshrub that appears restricted to bare, vertical rock faces of sandstone and is assessed as Endangered EN D1 using the 2012 IUCN standard.
Pseudohydrosme bogneri sp. nov. (Araceae), a spectacular Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct) species from Gabon, long confused with Anchomanes nigritianus
Pseudohydrosme bogneri appears to be the tenth documented probable global extinction of a plant species that has occurred among the narrowly endemic plant species of the Libreville area, Gabon.
Comparative Morphology and Molecular Systematics of African Podostemaceae‐Podostemoideae, with Emphasis on Dicraeanthus and Ledermanniella from Cameroon
Important morphological transformations specific to African podostemoids include a shift from erect to inverted flowers in the spathella and unilocular ovaries arising via septum loss.
Three species of Coleus (Lamiaceae) from the Guinean Highlands: a new species, a new combination and clarification of Coleus splendidus
Three species of Coleus Lour from the Guinean Highlands, West Africa are discussed in the context of related taxa and a new species, C. ferricola Phillipson, O.Hooper & A.J.Paton, is found on iron-rich substrates, which is recognised as a distinct species with C. djalonensis A.Chev.