Taxonomic Dimensions for Studying Situational Method Development

  title={Taxonomic Dimensions for Studying Situational Method Development},
  author={Mehmet Nafiz Aydın and Frank Harmsen and Jos van Hillegersberg},
  booktitle={Situational Method Engineering},
This paper is concerned with fragmented literature on situational method development, which is one of fundamental topics related to information systems development (ISD) methods. As the topic has attracted many scholars from various and possibly complementary schools of thought, different interpretations and understandings of key notions related to method development are present. In this paper, we regard such understandings as both challenges and opportunities for studying this topic. Upon the… 



Conceptual evaluation of methods for engineering situational ISD methods

  • M. Leppänen
  • Computer Science
    Softw. Process. Improv. Pract.
  • 2006
This study profiles and evaluates conceptually, using a contextual framework as a basis, seven comprehensive ME artifacts in terms of the support they contribute to ME work and reveals gaps and deficiencies in the support of ME artifacts, thus helping them direct their future research.

Accommodating Emergent Work Pratices: Ethnographic Choice of Method Fragments

Empirical evidence indicates that the authors should instead try to understand the system development process as being emergent, so even if methodologies appear to the observer as structure, they are only transient regularities in work practices that are constantly shifting form.

Method engineering: current research directions and implications for future research

In this study we investigate method engineering research by classifying studies into three contexts: technology, language and organization. Within each context we examine research bias, research

A proposal for context-specific method engineering

A tight coupling of method knowledge and method meta-knowledge in the method base enables the formal description of the context of use of every method fragment and shall facilitate the retrieval of relevant fragments according to the situation of the project under development.

Contingent information systems development

On the Adaptation of an Agile Information Systems Development Method

This article presents the work practice in dealing with the adaptation of such a method in the ISD department of one of the leading financial institutes in Europe and introduces two forms of method adaptation, static adaptation and dynamic adaptation.

Situational Method Engineering

This dissertation describes the basic concepts of Situational Method Engineering, the research discipline focused on construction of situational methods, in order to enable the efficient and effective performance of that process.

Scenarios for system development: Matching context and strategy

This study paid special attention to the social and organizational aspects of system development, and succeeded in explaining the outcome of the development process through the fit between context and situation, thereby gaining some preliminary support for the contingency model.