Tax Incidence

  title={Tax Incidence},
  author={Don Fullerton and Gilbert E. Metcalf},
  journal={Public Economics eJournal},
This chapter reviews the concepts, methods, and results of studies that analyze the incidence of taxes. The purpose of such studies is to determine how the burden of a particular tax is allocated among consumers through higher product prices, workers through a lower wage rate, or other factors of production through lower rates of return to those factors. The methods might involve simple partial equilibrium models, analytical general equilibrium models, or computable general equilibrium models… 

The Incidence of Non-Linear Consumption Taxes

The present article generalyses economic litterature on consumption tax incidence to general forms of consumption taxes. Previous studies were limited to the cases of per unit and ad valorem taxes.

Demand for 'The 1%':Tax Incidence and Implications for Optimal Income Tax Rates

We develop a model for determining the optimal high income linear tax rate when there exist imperfectly substitutable types of labor. If one type is disproportionately prevalent among higher income

Taxation and growth: Why does it matter and how can it be analysed?

The growth impact of tax reforms is probably one of the most controversial issues in economic policy discussions, reflecting deep beliefs in the way economic agents are expected to react to policy

The Incidence of Non-Linear Consumption Taxes Clément Carbonnier

The present article generalyses economic litterature on consumption tax incidence to general forms of consumption taxes. Previous studies were limited to the cases of per unit and ad valorem taxes.

The incidence of Vietnam ’ s environmental tax law : general equilibrium analysis

We examine the effects of a proposed environmental tax in a small open developing economy, using an applied general equilibrium model linked to a household survey database. The burden of the tax,

The Incidence of Public Finance Schemes

The objective of this paper is to explain the equity implications of adopting a public finance policy, such as imposing a tax. It draws on examples from the broad literature on tax incidence and from

Experimental Evidence on Tax Salience and Tax Incidence

While a basic theoretical principle in public economics assumes that individuals’ behaviour is fully-optimizer with respect to the introduction of a tax, an increasing body of research is presenting

Tax Incidence

According to economic theory, the incidence of a unit tax is independent of the statutory assignment of the liability to pay the tax. However, the theory is silent on the possible effects of market

Essays In Housing Markets And Public Finance

This dissertation comprises three research papers on topics at the intersection of housing markets, taxation, and the provision of local public goods. In Chapter 1, I study the economic incidence of



Long-run Tax Incidence: A Comparative Dynamic Approach

The long-run incidence of tax changes has typically been analysed from a comparison of steady states. The recent contributions of Feldstein (1974) and Grieson (1975) consider the comparative


Our objective in this two-part set of papers is to provide a clear and easily comprehensible illustration of tax and expenditure incidence using a special case of the Harberger model. The special

A Dynamic Theory of Factor Taxation

Many important questions in macroeconomics concern the impact of taxation and spending policies on private resource allocation. One approach, typified by Robert Hall (1971) and William Brock and

Taxation, Substitution, and Industrial Location

  • C. Mclure
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1970
The threat that high taxes in a region might drive out or repel industry has traditionally worried those responsible for the tax policies of state and local governments in the United States. More

Incidence of a Capital Income Tax in a Growing Economy with Variable Savings Rates

The theory of economic growth has emphasized that the capital stock, unlike the labour force, is not an " original " factor of production but represents the accumulation of past incomes.2 Any

A Contribution to the Theory of Taxation

TILE problem I propose to tackle is this: a given revenue is to be raised by proportionate taxes on some or all uses of income, the taxes on different uses being possibly at different rates; how

Taxation and the Tiebout Model: The Differential Effects of Head Taxes, Taxes on Land Rents, and Property Taxes

on the theory of state and local public finance is the seminal paper by Charles Tiebout (1956). Tiebout constructed a multijurisdictional model in which independent local governments offer a wide

Taxation and Economic Efficiency

This paper analyzes the distortions created by taxation and the features of tax systems that minimize such distortions (subject to achieving other government objectives). It starts with a review of

Profitable cost increases and the shifting of taxation : equilibrium response of markets in oligopoly

This paper considers the conjectural variations model of oligopoly and introduces a shift in its equilibrium solution : a cost-side shift, such as a change in technology or input prices, or the

A Pure Theory of Local Expenditures

NE of the most important recent developments in the area of "applied economic theory" has been the work of Musgrave and Samuelson in public finance theory.2 The two writers agree on what is probably