Taurine inhibition of metal-stimulated catecholamine oxidation

  title={Taurine inhibition of metal-stimulated catecholamine oxidation},
  author={Ralph Dawson and Deron Baker and Baerbel Eppler and Elisa Tang and Debbie Shih and Hunter Hern and Ming Hu},
  journal={Neurotoxicity Research},
Taurine is an abundant amino acid found in mammalian tissues and it has been suggested to have cyto-protective functions. The aim of the present study was to determine if taurine had the potential to reduce oxidative stress associated with metal-stimulated catecholamine oxidation. Taurine and structural analogs of taurine were tested for their ability to inhibit metal-stimulated quinone formation from dopamine or L-dopa. Oxidative damage to proteins and lipids were also assessedin vitro and the… CONTINUE READING