Tastzellen und Tastkörperchen bei den Hausthieren und beim Menschen

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  • Medicine
  • Archiv für mikroskopische Anatomie
Innervation of the human epidermis. A historical review
  • G. Lauria
  • Biology
    The Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences
  • 1999
The author reviews the assumptions and the striking discrepancies emerging from the wide literature on cutaneous sensory terminations since the late nineteenth century and highlights the new developments emerging from some of the most recent works.
Recent progress in studies on Merkel cell biology
Recently acquired knowledge about the histochemical nature of Merkel cell granules, the morphpological heterogeneity of Merkel cells and the roles of neurotrophins and their receptors for the development and survival of the cells are reviewed.
Nationwide multidisciplinary consensus on the clinical management of Merkel cell carcinoma: a Delphi panel
The importance of collaboration and communication among the interprofessional team members is emphasized and encourages managing patients with MCC within dedicated multidisciplinary teams.
Merkel cell carcinoma of the eyelid and periocular region: A review
  • N. Walsh
  • Medicine
    Saudi journal of ophthalmology : official journal of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society
  • 2021
A recent therapeutic breakthrough has occurred whereby immune checkpoint inhibition has been shown to mitigate advanced disease and this review provides a clinically relevant update on MCC, with special reference to cases arising on the eyelid/periocular region.
Anatomy of the sense of touch in sea otters: Cutaneous mechanoreceptors and structural features of glabrous skin
Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) demonstrate rapid, accurate tactile abilities using their paws and facial vibrissae. Anatomical investigations of neural organization in the vibrissal bed and
The mechanosensory neurons of touch and their mechanisms of activation.
Although the mechanism and the site of transduction across end organs remain unclear, PIEZO2 has emerged as the principal mechanosensitive channel involved in light touch of the skin.
Cyril Toker, M.D. (1930-2015): Master surgical pathologist.
  • S. Suster
  • Medicine
    Annals of diagnostic pathology
  • 2021
Merkel cell carcinoma
Avelumab, a monoclonal antibody that binds to the programmed death‐1 receptor, has been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and provides an option for treating metastatic carcinoma in adults after they have failed ≥ 1 line of chemotherapy for metastatic disease.
Merkel cell carcinoma: A review
An overview of the topic is provided, updates in the field are outlined and an emphasis on dermatopathologic aspects of Merkel cell carcinoma are placed.