Taste effectiveness of some D- and L-amino acids in mice.

  title={Taste effectiveness of some D- and L-amino acids in mice.},
  author={Toshiko Kasahara and Kazuhide Iwasaki and Monica A Sato},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={39 5},
To measure the hedonic effectiveness of some D-amino acids two-bottle preference tests were carried out on ddy mice, and subsequently conditioned taste aversion (CTA) experiments were performed to determine to what degree hedonic responses to D- and L-amino acids are related to sweet taste in mice. Mice showed preferences for D-Trp, D-His, and D-Leu over certain concentration ranges, but were behaviorally neutral to D-Ser and D-Val up to 0.1 M. The preference magnitudes for D-amino acids… CONTINUE READING
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