Taste Disturbance After Tonsillectomy

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Of the 3583 outpatients treated at our taste disorder clinic over a period of 15 years, 11 (0.31%) complained of taste disorder after tonsillectomy. The cause of taste disorder was identified in 8 of the 11 cases: in 3 cases it was caused by direct or indirect damage to the lingual branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve; in 2 cases it was attributable to medication taken by the patient after tonsillectomy; and in 3 cases taste disturbance was caused by a lack of dietary zinc, even though this was… 

Taste Disorders after Tonsillectomy: Case Report and Literature Review

A case of dysgeusia that occurred during the recovery period after a tonsillectomy, thought to be a lesion to the lingual branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve, which was made by a review of the literature from 1966 to June 2004.

Gustatory function after tonsillectomy.

Persisting taste dysfunction seems to be rare after tonsillectomy, and self-assessment of gustatory function significantly decreased after TE.

Taste function evaluation after tonsillectomy: a prospective study of 60 patients

The results indicate that Tonsillectomy entails a temporary reduction in taste function, which should be attributed to direct or indirect intraoperative damage of the glossopharyngeal nerve or unintentional extension of the lingual nerve by application of the tongue retractor.

Taste Dysfunction after Tonsillectomy: A Meta-analysis

Tonsillectomy is a commonly performed surgery, and taste disturbance occurs frequently as a post operative effect, which is important to patients with regard to their quality of life and the overall effects of taste on their day-to-day life.

Post-Tonsillectomy Taste Disorders- Review of Literature

The characteristics, possible causes, pathophysiology and treatment of persistent taste disorders, occurring as a complication after tonsillectomy, and the need to inform patients assigned to tonsilectomy about the possibility of a deficit or distortion of taste after surgery are shown.

Recovery from long-lasting post-tonsillectomy dysgeusia.

Two cases of dissociated taste disturbance

Inability to recognize one or two taste qualities of the four primary tastes is termed dissociated taste disturbance and the causes are speculated to be direct or indirect damage to nerves, lack of dietary zinc, and habitual drug intake.

Taste Disturbance after Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Postoperative/posttraumatic gustatory dysfunction.

The present chapter focuses on those ENT surgical procedures where at least some prospective and systematic studies on gustatory dysfunction exist, and taste disorders after middle ear surgery, tonsillectomy and dental interventions are largely discussed.



Taste disorder from zinc deficiency after tonsillectomy.

The cases of two patients whose taste disorder after a tonsillectomy subsided when zinc deficiency was identified and corrected, and the litera-ture regarding zinc deficiency and taste dysfunction are reviewed.

[Incidence of taste disorders following tonsillectomy].

This work describes 150 patients, the results of gustatory tests and the frequency of disorders of taste in the pharyngeal space, and describes the damage to gustatory nerves during tonsillectomy.

[Complications of tonsillectomy].

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The author pays attention to the importance of being cautious during the surgical treatment of the tonsils and gives the examples of such complications.

[Neurological complications following tonsillectomy].

5 patients who developed glossopharyngeal paresis, impairment of taste on the base of the tongue, or hypoglossal pareis following tonsillectomy are reported on and the possible etiology of these isolated lesions of the cranial nerves are discussed.

[Taste disorders after tonsillectomy].

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