Task specific visuospatial neglect related to density and salience of stimuli.


We report the case of a male patient with a right parietal tumour. On examination he presented with marked visuospatial neglect and anosognosia for his deficits. Experimental analysis of his visuospatial neglect revealed that his ability to identify simple stimuli in the contralateral to the lesion space was significantly influenced by the degree of density of stimuli in the ipsilateral space. Similarly his performance was found to be affected significantly by the complexity or salience of a stimulus in the ipsilateral space. An attempt is made to interpret these observations in the context of current major theories of neglect.


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@article{Kartsounis1994TaskSV, title={Task specific visuospatial neglect related to density and salience of stimuli.}, author={Luke D. Kartsounis and Leslie J. Findley}, journal={Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior}, year={1994}, volume={30 4}, pages={647-59} }