Task-specific plasticity of somatosensory cortex in patients with writer's cramp.

  title={Task-specific plasticity of somatosensory cortex in patients with writer's cramp.},
  author={Christoph Braun and Renate Schweizer and Udo Heinz and Katja Wiech and Niels Birbaumer and Helge Topka},
  volume={20 2},
Focal dystonias such as writer's cramp are characterized by muscular cramps that accompany the execution of specific motor tasks. Until now, the pathophysiology of focal dystonia remains incompletely understood. Recent studies suggest that the development of writer's cramp is related to abnormal organization of primary somatosensory cortex (SI), which in turn leads to impaired motor function. To explore contributions of SI on mechanisms of task specificity in focal dystonia, we investigated… CONTINUE READING

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