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Task-Oriented Strategies Of Slum Women In Everyday Lives

  title={Task-Oriented Strategies Of Slum Women In Everyday Lives},
  author={Swati Sharma},
One can understand Psychological empowerment as any phenomenon over a lifespan which enables an individual to adapt to any existing environmental stressor, and respond to it, considering the overall long term reimbursement of his/her current decision making”. This indicates that a futuristic vision, and its affirmative consequences, before considering various alternatives which are available to one at present, during the process of decision making plays a vital role. This view further… 


Multidimensional assessment of coping: a critical evaluation.
The results suggest that the Multidimensional Coping Inventory is a valid and highly reliable multidimensional measure of coping styles.
Mental Health Services in Rural India: Challenges and Prospects
This paper is an attempt to remind and advocate for rural mental health services and suggest a model to reduce the treatment gap.
Reading between the lives of slum women in Delhi
  • Faridabad
  • 2016
The fundamentals of psychological empowerment and its elements ; a perspective from everyday lives of slum women