Task Decomposition for Iterative Learning Model Predictive Control

  title={Task Decomposition for Iterative Learning Model Predictive Control},
  author={Charlott Vallon and F. Borrelli},
  journal={2020 American Control Conference (ACC)},
A task decomposition method for iterative learning model predictive control is presented. We consider a constrained nonlinear dynamical system and assume the availability of state-input pair datasets which solve a task $\mathcal{T}1$. Our objective is to find a feasible model predictive control policy for a second task, $\mathcal{T}2$, using stored data from $\mathcal{T}1$. Our approach applies to tasks $\mathcal{T}2$ which are composed of subtasks contained in $\mathcal{T}1$. In this paper we… Expand
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