Tarlov cysts: an unusual case of perianal pain

  title={Tarlov cysts: an unusual case of perianal pain},
  author={Carol Z Fernandes and Rolando Taveira Pinho and Rui Veloso and Teresa Pinto-Pais and Jorge L. C. Carvalho and Jos{\'e} Carlos Soares Fraga},
  journal={Techniques in Coloproctology},
A 74-year-old man with no relevant personal history, presented to our outpatient gastroenterology practice with complaints of perianal pain for 2 months. The pain was dull and was intensified by movement and local pressure. No relieving factors or association with other symptoms were identified. According to the patient related, the onset of symptoms was associated with a transrectal ultrasoundguided prostate biopsy that he had previously undergone. There were no abnormal findings on physical… CONTINUE READING