Targeting tumor ubiquitin-proteasome pathway with polyphenols for chemosensitization.

  title={Targeting tumor ubiquitin-proteasome pathway with polyphenols for chemosensitization.},
  author={Min Shen and Tak Chan and Q Ping Dou},
  journal={Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry},
  volume={12 8},
The development of tumor drug resistance is one of the biggest obstacles on the way to achieve a favorable outcome of chemotherapy. Among various strategies that have been explored to overcome drug resistance, the combination of current chemotherapy with plant polyphenols as a chemosensitizer has emerged as a promising one. Plant polyphenols are a group of phytochemicals characterized by the presence of more than one phenolic group. Mechanistic studies suggest that polyphenols have multiple… CONTINUE READING


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